With GreedFall, Spiders studio is about to launch one of their most ambitious projects. The creators of The Technomancer and Bound by Flame have published the launch trailer of their upcoming role-playing game just ahead of its release, which will happen tomorrow.

If you have been following us you already know what GreedFall is about. For those that do not, this is an epic adventure where you will explore a newly-discovered island full of magic and strange creatures in search of a cure for a deadly plague that afflicts your country.

It would seem that you will take the role of a hero that saves the world in GreedFall, but as the story progresses you will understand that things are not so easy. The island is inhabited by tribes of natives that won’t stay idle in the face of the arrival of colonists, military forces, and go-getters of all kinds that are literally invading and plunder their land.

As you arrive at the island you will discover that there are many factions immersed in a conflict to control the resources of this magical place, each with its own agenda and interests. Greedy merchants wanting to secure commercial rights, colonists that aim for a better life, soldiers that fight for the interests of their countries, and even thieves, looters and unscrupulous people of all kinds have seen this place as the greatest opportunity of their life. They are not concerned about the way of life of the “savages” that were there first.

GreedFall – What’s the price of saving the Old World?

In GreedFall, you are in a tough position too, and your choices will determine the fate of the Teer Fradee island as well as what happens with the plague that is afflicting your country. As you gain knowledge of what’s really happening on the island, you may have to reconsider the morality of your actions and if the common good is really above all other matters.

Whatever you decide, GreedFall offers you an epic adventure in a fantasy world that hides much more than what you would expect at first glance. The game is launching tomorrow on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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