Gears of War series‘ multiplayer has never been too complex, but things are about to change. When Gears 5 launches in September we are in for a lot of novelties, but the changes to Escalation multiplayer mode are to be among the most interesting we have seen fro the franchise because they aim to take multiplayer gameplay to a next level. In a recent blog post, developer The Coalition has revealed everything about their upcoming title’s competitive mode.

Escalation game mode was present in other installments of the series, but its mechanics have been reworked for Gears 5, and as you can see in the video it´s now more challenging and compelling than ever. Two teams of five players compete for domination in a match where they earn points for controlling three different locations. If a team manages to control the three of them at once, they immediately win the round, and the first team to win seven rounds wins the match.

The most noticeable change and probably the one with will have a most severe impact on the gameplay is the limited amount of respawns. You will have five of them at the start, and you will earn one more each round, but it´s up to you to decide how and when to use them. It´s quite obvious that this change adds the possibility of winning a game just by wiping the enemy team completely, something that even if difficult, wasn’t possible before. This will add a new layer of strategy to the Gears 5, and it’s a new factor to be considered when deciding to push for a victory during a match, forcing both teams to keep track of their available respawns.

Gears 5 – Respawn window

That’s not the only change Escalation mode will see. Respawn timers will progressively be reduced as the match progresses, allowing players to return to the fight faster and faster. Also, after each round, both teams will be able to choose where to place a weapon, upgrade one on the field, activate new loadout options, or even disable an enemy weapon placement for three rounds. From the half time onwards, weapons won’t despawn, and the battlefield will become more dangerous the more Escalation rounds play out. These new features will create gameplay dynamics in which reading your opponents, adaptation, and counter-plays are paramount if you want to achieve victories.

Gears 5 – Weapon Placement

Gears 5 will launch on September 10th for Xbox One and PC. All these new changes are going to be a significant change in the multiplayer games for the franchise. We will have to wait to see if players are happy with them, but they look like a big step in the appropriate direction.

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