Gearbox has been revealing more and more information regarding Borderlands 3 during the last few weeks. We have seen the introductory videos for the four Vault Hunters in the game, as well as their skill trees and plenty of other things about the game. They have been also kind enough to sumarize pretty much everything revealed until now in a new video that was published yesterday and that puts a heavy emphasis on guns, of course, because it wouldn’t be a Borderlands game otherwise.

Everyone should know at this point what the game is about, including the story, the game mechanics and such things, but there is something very important about Borderlands 3 that was missing: its endgame. Fortunately enough, Gearbox revealed a few things yesterday during the Gamescom Opening Night Live stream. Borderlands 3 will offer you plenty of content as you explore the galaxy and fight the Children of the Vault, but once you get to max level, you will find a new replayable missions system called Proving Grounds. As you take part in this event you will have to blast your way through three different stages full of enemies and a final boss in less than thirty minutes. You will be able to complete some challenges during the event, like finishing it without dying or with a certain amount of time remaining, to earn better rewards.

But that’s not the only chance that you will have to fight against all odds because Mr. Torque himself has organized the Circle of Slaughter. It’s an event where you will fight against several waves of monsters through five rounds. It’s a real festival of slaughtering where the only important thing is killing everything until you are the last one standing. If you want to get bonus rewards there will be bonus objectives for you to accomplish during the fight.

Borderlands 3 – Enemies

As you can see, Borderlands 3 won’t be short on content when it launches on September 13 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If the game follows the steps of previous installments in the Borderlands series, we will probably see the addition of much more content via DLCs in the future too.

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