The community of Borderlands 3 players has been complaining for a while about certain bugs in the game and developer Gearbox software has finally decided to put an end to those complaints with an update that fixes most of the problems.

The hotfix went live on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC yesterday and it addresses various issues. Even though they are not game-breaking, they contributed to making players’ experience worse in Borderlands 3.

Addressed a reported concern that FL4K’s Furious Attack was sometimes not applying bonuses to pet damage as expected

Addressed a reported concern that Rakkcelerate was sometimes not applying the cooldown modifier as stated on the skill’s description

Addressed a reported concern that Cheap Tip’s total weapon shield capacity was sometimes not appearing in the tooltip on the item card

Addressed a reported concern that The Arbalest of Discipline was sometimes spawning with just shields

This update is also trying to fix the problems with an enemy that has been a headache for both players and developers since Borderlands 3 was released, the Anointed Enforcer. These hulking monstrosities have been one of the most difficult enemies to kill in the game, even surpassing some bosses. Their damage immunities allow them to dish out plenty of damage while surviving to everything that you throw at them, especially on higher difficulties or when you get a Mayhem mode modifier that is not favorable. Gearbox has decided to lower their health as a temporary measure while they look for a more suitable solution to the problem. It is indeed quite frustrating to waste ammunition on an enemy that you can barely graze because he is immune to damage 90% of the time, while he happily sets your feet on fire or pummels you to death.

Other than those changes, Gearbox has also announced that an easier version of Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite, which will scale down to the number of players in your party, will be available very soon in Borderlands 3. This new version of the challenge will be only available from January 16 to January 30. If you have had a hard time finding groups to finish it you should try to get as much loot as possible during this period of time because it will be reverted to the previous difficulty later.

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