Frostpunk, released on April 2018 and developed by 11 Bit Studios, to whom we also owe Moonlighter and This War of Mine, is getting new content.

While the game has received several free updates, like the one introducing the Endless mode, 11 Bit Studios is not finished at all with Frostpunk.

The news went almost unnoticed until then, but during the Investor Conference last March, the studio announced the arrival of a Season Pass. This conference was a summary of the year 2018 and informed us about the upcoming projects in 2019. We learned then that Frostpunk’s second season would be launched with the sale of a season pass featuring “the first paid DLC with a comparable scale to the main scenario”.

It’s been done. The first DLC of Frostpunk’s Season Pass was released yesterday with the title The Rifts. Presented as a mini-expansion, The Rifts introduces a new map for Endless mode as well as a new type of building, the bridges. The new map is composed of several rocky clusters with steep cliffs that form a kind of archipelago. The configuration of this map offers a whole new way of playing. The Rifts is included in the Season Pass but it is also possible to buy it separately.

We also have learned that this first DLC is just an appetizer, because the Season Pass will contain two more in the future: The Last Autumn, and Project ‘TVADGYCGJR’.

Frostpunk – New map The Rifts

The Last Autumn should come out at the end of the year and will propose a new scenario, more precisely a prequel, and new mechanics of the game. We imagine that it is this the DLC which was mentioned during the conference because it is advertised as the most consistent of the Season Pass. Project ‘TVADGYCGJR’ which will be released in 2020 and it remains a mystery; we just know that this famous project will be at the heart of the DLC. We should, however, have more info on the latter at the release of The Last Autumn.

Finally, in parallel with this announcement, a free update is also available. It features three new maps for the Endless mode: Frozen Grove, Snowdrifts, and Hanging Rock; all three from The Arks, Refugees, and Fall of Winterhome scenario maps.

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