Even if you have not been playing videogames for a while, if you are a fan of space combat simulators it’s quite likely that you have heard about Freespace 2, one of the games with more awards in the genre. This sci-fi adventure developed by Volition, creators of other great titles like Saint’s Row and Red Faction, has been delighting the fans of intergalactic exploration for the last twenty years and now you have the opportunity of getting it for free thanks to GOG.

Freespace 2 – Gameplay

Freespace 2 is the sequel to Descent: Freespace. It’s an adventure that will take us to space in the year 2367. While Terrans and Vasudan are recovering from their loses during the recent Great War, the appearance of a new alien race is threatening the fragile peace in the galaxy. You will take the role of a pilot that will fight against this race of mysterious aliens, the Shivans. To make things even more complicated, there are a couple of groups on your side that are against cooperating with the Vasudan and you will also have to deal with those.

The game is considered to be one of the best space simulators ever created. Although its interpretation of physics is not realistic and follows a dynamic flight model, Freespace 2 still delivers rewarding gameplay where the combat between starfighters is fast-paced and full of action. If you add to that a deep and compelling story along with plenty of well-designed missions to complete, the result is a game that will surprise you in the very best way.

Freespace 2 – Ship customization

Freespace 2 comes with an editor that will allow you to design your own missions and expand the game however you please. It also features cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes that can be played local and online.

To get your free copy of Freespace 2, all you have to do is visiting GOG.com and claiming it before the promotion ends tomorrow.

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