Apart from being one of the most popular games in the world, Fortnite is also a game that regularly launches limited-time events. and the Christmas holidays are the perfect excuse to release a new one. Winterfest 2019 is already available to all Fortnite players, who will be able to earn a lot of gifts during the next two weeks, including outfits, gliders, pickaxes, wraps, emotes and more surprises.

If you want to grab all those rewards all you have to do is visit the in-game lobby and click on the new snowflake tab to visit the Winterfest Lodge, and then proceed to claim your gift box. You will get a new one every day during the following 14 days, so it’s two full weeks of free exclusive Winterfest 2019 gifts for you this Christmas. Do not worry if you miss any days, because you can claim the presents from previous days as long as you do it before January 7.

But free presents are not the only novelties coming to Fortnite during Winterfest 2019. There are also plenty of challenges that you can complete to earn rewards and experience. They will unlock one at a time every day until the event is over.

Winterfell 2019 Lodge

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without the return of the LTM favorite of the players, so you can log in and experience a different one every day until January 2.

Winterfest 2019 comes as a part of the Update v11.31 of Fortnite. The patch includes a few bug fixes and introduces the brand new Battle Lab feature, a mode that allows you to create your own Battle Royale island. You can design a scenario and set the rules for the match, with the possibility of modifying parameters like fall damage or gravity. Then you can invite up to 15 friends to play with you or matchmake with default options in a public Battle Lab.


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