Let’s face it; you were dying to know a bit more about FL4K the Beastmaster. The potential of playing a pet class in Borderlands 3 is huge as it was proved with the launch of Gaige the Mechromancer in Borderlands 2. We can all agree that the IA controlling her pet was not the best, but when Deathtrap wasn´t throwing beams of lightning all over the place he was a beast in melee combat, so there is a lot of expectation about how FL4K will do since he has not one but three different pets. You can learn a bit more about him in the final video of the series introducing the Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3.

FL4K is the only robotic Vault Hunter in Borderlands 3 and he is obsessed with the hunt and his pets, of course. He will be accompanied by three different pets, and even if all of them are useful in combat each of them is specialized in a different area. They also offer passive bonuses and are linked to the active abilities that each of Fl4k’s skill trees grants to him.

The Hunter skill tree lets FL4K use a Spiderant Centurion as a pet. It is equipped with a prosthetic drill that will allow it to pierce enemies, but it also can attack with globs of acidic goo. The active ability that this tree provides is Rakk Attack!, and as you can imagine, it will cause several Rakks to dive-bomb targeted enemies. This trees focuses on improving critical hit chance and damage for Fl4kk and ultimately lets him score critical hits with weapons against any part of enemies.

Specializing in the Stalker skill tree will let our Vault Hunter summon a Jabber Sidekick that will taunt enemies, help him survive in several ways and even shoot enemies with its own gun. The active ability granted by this tree is Fade Away and it’s similar to Zer0’s. As you progress down the tree, you will be harder and harder to kill.

Master skill tree focuses on empowering your pet, a powerful Guardian Skag in this case. This tree provides a series of skills that focus on pet damage and utility, as well as an active ability that will teleport your pet to your target location with a burst of radiation damage.

FL4K and his trusty Guardian Skag – Borderlands 3

We hope FL4k the Beastmaster to be one of the favorite Vault Hunters of the players, but we need to wait until Borderlands 3 launches to see how the pet AI behaves this time. What about you? Which Vault hunter will you be playing?

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