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With the impending release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses on July 26, Nintendo has started releasing trailers detailing the multiple houses in the game. The ambitious Nintendo Switch title was recently shown off at E3 2019, showing off a bunch of gameplay. Since then, Nintendo has upped their marketing campaign for the game. The three houses you can join in the game are the Blue Lion House, the Black Eagle House, and the Golden Deer House. Nintendo has only released trailers for the Black Eagle House and Blue Lion House, which you can check out below.

FE: Three Houses – Welcome to the Blue Lion House Trailer


FE: Three Houses – Welcome to the Black Eagle House Trailer


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Is How Long?!


A French interview with game director Toshiyuki Kasukihara has been translated by Gamesradar+, in which it’s claimed that Three Houses will take 80 to 200+ hours to complete. Excuse me, what did that last sentence say?! You read that right: 200+ hours. The game will also be receiving DLC after it launches, increasing the game length further. Check out Toshiyuki Kasukihara’s quote below:

“To finish the game with just one of the three houses, it took me 80 hours. I did not cut the vocals or cutscenes, of course. So if you want to do the three paths, it can take you more than 200 hours.”

Fire Emblem Three Houses screenshot of units


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