Fire Emblem Three Houses Choices And Consequences Guide
Fire Emblem Three Houses has a ton of choices for you to make throughout the game. Some of these have obvious consequences and others, not so much. Check out this Fire Emblem Three Houses choices and consequences guide to find the path you want to take.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Choices And Consequences Guide

The choices start coming in early in this game. Not all of them have a good or bad answer, some are just conversations.

Prologue Choices And Consequences

Who Are You?
I Am A Ghost
The girl tells you not to lie.

I Am A Demon
The girl tells you not to lie.

I Am A Mortal
Even if you select the other two, this is the only choice that works.

Having That Dream Again?
I Was Dreaming About War
Jeralt says there hasn’t been a massive battle like that in over three centuries.

I Was Dreaming About A Young Girl
Jeralt says he remembers you telling him about her, but he doesn’t know who she is.

Leaving At Dawn
Oh Right…
Jeralt does not like this, you lose some relationship points with him if you select it.

Of Course
Jeralt likes this response and you gain relationship points with him if you select it.

But Who Called Me That?

What Are You Talking About
Sothis wants to know why she just remembered her name, no points here.

Sothis says she could not recall her name until just now, no points here.

What Does That Make You?

I Am No Child
Sothis will scold you for throwing your life away, but you don’t lose points with her.

I’m Less than A Child?
Sothis will like this choice and say that you understand. You gain points with her with this choice.

You Would Have Died

You do a little bow and she is happy.

You can stop time?
She says that doesn’t seem like gratitude and you do your bow.

Time Has Stopped

What happens when time resumes?
She says that you die because the axe is going into your back.

What now?
You shake your head “no” and she says you will die when time resumes.

Now What To Do

Turn back time
She remembers that she can actually do that, and will do it. You also gain points with her.

Keep me frozen until I am safe
Sothis says that is ridiculous, no points here.

I’ll stay here and wait to die
Sothis says she can’t sit by and watch that, and you lose points with her.

Are You The Captains Child?

He is a stranger to me
Alois will laugh at that joke, but you will lose relationship points with Geralt.

I’m a bandit
Alois will laugh at this and you will gain relationship points with him.

That is correct
Alois says that you do remind him of the captain. No points either way for this choice.

Have I Missed Anything?

The Knights of Serios?
Edelgard will be shocked that you don’t know who the Knights of Serios are.

I didn’t know he was a captain
Edelgard will be interested to hear the explanation as to why you didn’t know he was a captain. You will gain relationship points with her.

Where Are You From?
This DOES NOT mean you will be fighting for that household, this is just to get you some bonus points from whichever one you pick.

Adrestian Empire
You gain points with Edelgard.

Holy Kingdom Of Faerghus
You gain points with Dimitri.

Leicaster Alliance
You gain points with Claude.

Each Of The Three Is Most Unique
You have to select all of these, to learn a bit more about the characters.

To Be Forced To See Her Now

Jeralt tells you about Lady Rhea, the archbishop.

You been here before?
Jeralt tells you that many years ago he was a knight here.

Lady Rhea

The Archbishop?
Jeralt tells you that she leads the church.

Lady Rhea?
Jeralt tells you that she is the archbishop, the one who leads the church.

What Is Your Name?

My Name Is
Rhea is happy that you are polite and you gain points with her.

Seteth will get upset, but you don’t lose any points.

I Must Work Here?
As a mercenary?
Jeralt says that they want you to teach at the monastery here.

As a servant?
Jeralt says that they want you to be a teacher here.

Meeting Manuela
You are a physician?
Manuela laughs and says that when she isn’t teaching, she can be found in the infirmary.

A Songstress?
Manuela will be happy you pick this one and you will gain points with her.

Chapter 1 Choices And Consequences

House Choice
Here you will choose which class you want to teach. The house you choose will give you whatever units are in that class. You can still snag units from other houses as the game progresses. The leaders of each house will not leave their house.

Black Eagles
Strong magic users and are lead by Edelgard who uses an axe by default.

Blue Lions
Strong melee units and are lead by Dimitri who uses a spear by default. In my opinion this is the most well rounded house and the easiest to start as, lacks magic damage though.

Golden Deer
Strong archers and are lead by Claude who uses a bow by default.

That Is How A Crest Presents Itself

Do what you can to find out
Hanneman will be glad and you will get some points with him.

There is no need to look into it
Hanneman will insist and go on with his plan anyways, no points here.

Giving Blood To The Crest Analyzer

Give blood
Hanneman will be happy about this and you will gain points with him. T

Don’t give blood
You don’t gain any points with Hanneman, but the crest also doesn’t get filled out.

Pre Mock Battle(Blue Lions)
This will vary depending on which house you serve.

I am looking forward to it
Dimitri will like this choice and you get points for him.

I hope we can win
Dimitri says just do what you did in the village and we will be fine.

Don’t go too hard on us
Claude says that they know you don’t intend to lose.

I intend to win
The students will tell you they don’t plan on holding back in that case.

Post Mock Battle(Blue Lions)

A victory celebration?
Dimitri will say we fought hard out there which will make anyone hungry.

I’m invited?
Dimitri will say of course and you will share a meal with your students.

When Dimitri asks why you don’t look happy.
You’re mistaken
Dimitri will say that your eyes tell a different story.

Is that so
Dimitri says he knows it can be hard to accept joy sometimes and that he is sorry for prying.

Chapter 2 Choices And Consequences

Bonding With The Students
I did
Rhea will be happy to hear it.
Not really
Rhea will say I suppose that should come as no surprise.

When she tells you about the bandit mission.

My mission?
Seteth tells you that the monastery is obligated to help those in need.

Seteth tells you that the monastery is obligated to help those in need, so you are up.

When Solthis talks into your head.
There will be a … and you will move on.

I don’t understand
Sothis will sigh and try to explain what is going on.

Your First True Battle(Blue Lions)

As am I
Dimitri will say you lead well in he mock battle and he knows you can win this fight as well.

I am a bit concerned
Dimitri will encourage you and say that with you here, they cannot lose.

Life At The Monastery

I think so
Jeralt will be surprised by that answer, but not disappointed.

Not quite
Jeralt will like this option and say I didn’t expect it to be easy on you. Bonus points for Jeralt here.

Hymn Recital In The Cathedral
You sing with two of your students without having to use a teacher point, no reason not to go. The students are random.

Don’t go
Really is no reason not to go.

After The Bandit Battle(Blue Lions)
I remember this place being peaceful
Sothis will get points from this and will wonder how you know this place.

Since when was this called Red Canyon
Sothis will wonder how you remember that and you will get points for her.

She will then call you weak of heart.
She will say the battle might be over, but don’t feel too at ease.

You surprised me
She says you should get used to it.

I’m not scared
Sothis says that you cannot lie to her.

Sothis will then say this should be your first time here.

Still, it feels familiar
Sothis will say that is very odd.

Have you been here before, Sothis?
She says she could not have forgotten a place like this.

Sothis will then say that you have earned her gratitude.

Why are you grateful?
She will say she isn’t sure why, but she is grateful.

Why are you…
She will say she isn’t sure why, but she is grateful.

After you stop talking to Sothis, you and Dimitri will run into Edelgard at the school.
Why are you so worried?
Dimitri says that he will tell you about it some other time.

Puppy love?
Dimitri will laugh at this and you will get some points for him.

Rhea Post Bandit Battle
Rhea will ask you to support the students.
Of course
She will say good and that she has high expectations of you.

I will do all that I can
Rhea will like this and you will get points with her.

Then Rhea will talk about Zanado.
A Goddess?
Rhea will tell you about the Goddess.

A temporary haven?
Rhea will go into detail about the Goddess.

After that is done you can respond.
I didn’t know
She will say I see, and look slightly disappointed.

My father never told me
She will say I see, and look slightly disappointed.

Then Sothis will pop back into your head again and ask if she is a ghost.
That must be it
Sothis will call you simple and scold you.

I don’t know
Sothis will say that cannot be and that she is definitely alive.

Chapter 3 Choices And Consequences

Lord Lonato Rallied Troops

Who is Lord Lonato?
Rhea will inform you that he is a minor lord of a kingdom.

Why would he do that?
They are not sure, but he has to be dealt with.

Wielder Of Thunderbrand
This is one that doesn’t give you any points, so pick the choices you want.

Returning To Rhea After Lord Lonato Battle
My students deserve the praise
Rhea will say she is not so sure about that.

I still have much to learn
Rhea will say there is no need for modesty.

Help secure the ritual
You can count on us
Rhea will say thank you, but you get no points.

We won’t let her down
Rhea will like this choice.

Won’t that endanger the students?
Rhea says they will be fine, as long as you are there. No points here.

Chapter 4 Choices And Consequences

The Plan(Black Eagles)
What do you mean?
They will explain how it seems like a distraction

It is a distraction
Edelgard will like this choice and agree with you.

When Cyril speaks
You work for Rhea?
He says yeah and that he helps Rhea will also sorts of stuff, no points.

Shamir’s apprentice?
He will say yeah and that he is being training in the bow and sword.

On The Day Of The Rite(Black Eagles)
This will vary a bit depending on your house.

The greenhouse?
Edelgard will say that you must be joking and you get no points.

The Holy Mausoleum?
She will say yes and you get no points.

The dining hall?
Edelgard will say that you must be joking and you get no points.

Pre Ritual(Black Eagles)
We’re not wrong
They will say no one is perfect, it is ridiculous not to have doubts. No points.

It could go either way
They will respond with not liking those odds at all, no points.

I’m a little doubtful
Petra will misunderstand and make a comment, no points.

Chapter 5 Choices And Consequences

New Mission
Why was he disowned?
His lack of a crest, no points.

Why must the church eliminate him?
The battle involves a holy relic, so the church has to get involved. No points.

I’m a little doubtful
Petra will misunderstand and make a comment, no points.

When your faction leader approaches you will get more choices(Black Eagles).
Why does it matter?
Just marveling at the potential, no points.

It would never come to that
Edelgard will question you, no points.

When Edelgard talks about leaving the monastery
What do you mean?
She will say never mind and move on, no points.

If we left the monastery?
She will say never mind and move on, no points.

After The Mission Speaking With Rhea(Black Eagles)
Yes of course
Rhea will give you points for this one.

Rhea will say that his transformation was nothing short of divine punishment, no points.

You knew?
Rhea will say she knew, no points.

Will I share the same fate…
She says you will be okay because you have a crest, no points.

When speaking with Edelgard
I returned it
She will talk about Gilbert and you get nothing.

I did not return it
Edelgard will say you don’t need to lie and you get no points.

What Gilbert told us.
About Miklan?
Edelgard will say yes, no points.

About House Gautier?
No points.

When talking about people without crests.
I completely agree
No points.

Why is everyone obsessed with Crests?
Edelgard will explain and you get no points.

When asking if you have seen Flayn?
I have not
No points.

Have you looked everywhere?
Seteth will say he has and no points.

Chapter 6 Choices And Consequences

Troubling Rumors
Troubling Rumors?
Rhea explains what is going on, but there are no points here.

What is it you are afraid of?
She says the same thing either way and you get no points.

Checking In On Jeritza(Black Eagles)
Is she injured?
Rhea explains what is going on, but there are no points here.

Is she.. dead?
Edelgard will say she is just knocked out.

Start investigating?
Let’s investigate

We should call for the knights
Hubert will say that you don’t have time to wait.

Flayn Or Jeritza
Is that Flayn?
Yes and there is someone else as well.

Is that Jeritza?

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