Fire Emblem Three Houses Budding Talent Guide
Wandering what the 3 star icons mean when instructing your students? This Fire Emblem Three Houses Budding Talent Guide explains the basics behind unlocking special skills via the instructing of particular students that have a history or desire to excel in a particular field.

Nearly all of the characters you can recruit in Fire Emblem Three Houses have the potential to unlock a Budding Talent. When you are instructing your students during lecture time, make sure to choose the manual option. When you see a list of the skills you can teach, you will find some have a small icon at the end, a cluster of three stars.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Budding Talent Guide

The three stars means that particular character can unlock a Budding Talent if enough time is spent training the skill. The exact amount of time required is different for each character but usually, advancing 1-2 tiers will be enough to unlock the Budding Talent. Budding Talents are not always the best idea. Sometimes a character that excels in Heavy Armor and Axe desires time researching Magic, which offers very little to the units ability in combat.

When deciding whether or not to invest in a Budding Talent, take the time to gauge whether or not the talent will be beneficial to the current training direction.

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