With the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers upon us, Square Enix has revealed in their latest producer live letter hosted on Twitch the post-launch raids that we will be able to enjoy. While we will be busy getting those new levels (level cap is raised to 80) and some new gear through tomestones (end-game currency), and the key items from the expected two EX trials (single-boss fights) at the start, nine new dungeons are coming in the expansion. The first raid awaits us on July 16, when patch 5.01 hits.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – YoRHa Dark Apocalypse raid

This patch includes the Eden raid, in the normal difficulty version. This will be the hardest raid content for eight players to date and it includes a character designed by director Tetsuya Nomura of Kingdom Hearts and latter-day Final Fantasy, but it’s not the only raid content collaboration we will see. Just like Stormblood had a crossover raid with Final Fantasy 12, Square Enix got creators Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito to make a new raid styled after Nier: Automata. Called Yorha: Dark Apocalypse, this raid will see a team of 24 players dive into the world of Nier to defeat bosses. Previous raid content, such as the Return to Ivalice series or the original Crystal Tower, has plundered the depths of Final Fantasy history for inspiration. However, this is the first time an outside universe will be part of the large scale 24-man raid.

On July 30, with the Patch 5.05, the real fun will start. The savage raid hits, starting the race for world first, and the endgame loot awaits us. The new treasure hunt dungeon Lyhe Giahl is going live, as well as the new Allagan tomestone currency of Phantasmagoria.
Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion will be released on July 2, with early access starting 28th June. If you don’t have your preorder yet, make sure to look at our comparator to find the best prices.

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