Escape from Tarkov has become one of the most popular games in the latest months. The recently-released action/role-playing game from Battlestate Games is a hit that has attracted many players and the main reason behind that is its prominence on Twitch. The game became the most viewed title on the streaming platform during the last week of 2019, and that’s something that is quite surprising for a game that was launched all the way back on August 4, 2016, as a closed alpha. It’s also worthy of notice that the is only available on PC and it comes with its own launcher, so it has had zero support from Steam, Epic Games Store or any of the other big digital distribution platforms.

One of the ways that Battlestate Games has used to promote Escape from Tarkov is the release of a live-action series on Youtube. With the name of Raid, this series recreates a story that takes place in the unusual game world of the game, where two mercenary military forces are trapped in the city of Tarkov, which is isolated by the forces of the UN and the Russian military. In Escape from Tarkov, you play as one of those mercenaries and you are trying to survive while looking for a way of escaping the place.

Although it is hard to say how all this publicity translates into sales, it is quite clear that the popularity of the game is at its best since it launched. Being in the spotlight has also caused some controversy to appear around the game when Battlestate’s developer Pavel Dyatlov was asked if they would be adding female characters to the game. He answeres that “women can’t handle that amount of stress” and that “there’s only place for hardened men” in Escape from Tarkov. Battlestate Games has been forced to make a statement on the matter due to the media pressure, but they just solved it saying that even though they respect female soldiers it would be too much work to add female models to the game, therefore it’s something that they won’t be doing.

It is quite unclear what the future of Escape from Tarkov will be, but it’s quite clear that the reasons behind its huge success are no other than MMORPG and survival gameplay mechanics that perfectly complement its addictive combat. If you want to give it a try all you have to do is buy it at the best price through our comparator and play directly.

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