We don´t know if the guys at epic games have gone crazy this week. Instead of giving away a single game on Epic Ganes Store for free to anyone that logs into their platform and claims it, this week you can get two games from them. And they two very nice games too. Moonlighter and This War of Mine don´t have much in common, but even if they are not AAA titles, they are two great games that you can get completely free until August 2.

Moonlighter and This War of Mine on Epic Games Store

Moonlighter is an action role-playing game that will let you play as Will, the owner of a business that leaves his shop during the night to go hunting for loot into dungeons. He is determined to uncover the mysteries behind the 5th Dungeon Door and to do that; he will have to get enough funds to get powerful equipment and hone his fighting skills by fighting the endless number of monsters that he will face in the dungeons. But he can´t neglect his shop, and during the day he is busy trying to sell the items that he has gathered in the dungeons for the best price. It’s a great time to play Moonlighter because as we advanced the other day, the game is getting its first expansion, which features a new interdimensional dungeon and a lot of surprises.

This War of Mine is a survival-themed strategy game where you will experience the atrocities of war. In this kind of games you usually play as soldiers, but This War of Mine puts you on the other side. You will play as a group of civilian survivors that suffer the consequences of an armed conflict in the city of Pogoren, Graznavia. But the members of this group are not superheroes, and they will need your guidance to gather resources and survive as long as possible in a makeshift shelter in the hope of the declaration of a ceasefire. You will have to leave your shelter during the night to look for fuel, food, and other resources. During the day that’s an impossible task because of the snipers.  Each of the characters you control will have a certain number of traits that will be useful to survive, but your decisions will be the most important factor in their adventure.

We don’t know if Epic Games is intensifying its free games promotion by handing out double the games they originally announced, but we can tell you that you will be getting not one but two other games again next week. Alan Wake and For Honor will be available for free from August 2 to August 9. Meanwhile, Epic Games Store is managing to establish itself as a viable alternative to  Valve’s platform, and Steam doesn’t seem to be reacting at all. Will Steam do anything to counter Epic Games’ aggressive free games policy?

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