As we told you in an article shortly before E3, Elden Ring is the next game from From Software in collaboration with George R.R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones, and Hidetaka Miyazaki, father of Dark Souls. At that time it was still a rumor, but during the Xbox conference at E3, Elden Ring was announced, and thus formalized. But besides some information gleaned here and there, the rather enigmatic trailer that has been presented, does not reveal much about the game, except that it will be a RPG in a fantastic universe, developed by From Software and published by Bandai Namco.

Although we do not have more pictures for the moment, Miyazaki has given an interview to IGN in which he reveals a number of details about Elden Ring. First, in a previous interview, Miyazaki had given more explanations about the name of the game. Indeed, in the trailer, we are told about a ring, the Elden Ring that seems to have been broken. Many have made the connection with Tolkien’s saga, The Lord of the Rings, but it seems like the Elden Ring is actually something else:

“The Elden Ring is a mysterious and essential element of the foundation of the world we have created. It defines the rules and the rhythm of this world. But as you can see in our trailer, it was broken.”

It seems that Elden Ring refers more to a cycle than a simple ring, which for once, is reminiscent of the famous “wheel” that Daenerys tries to break into Game of Thrones.

Apart from this little semantic point, Miyazaki has revealed a host of other information about Elden Ring. If we already knew that the title was an RPG action in open world, taking place in a fantastic universe, we discover that the gameplay should be close to that of Dark Souls, without retaking the same mechanics. Miyazaki defines Elden Ring as an evolution of Dark Souls, it is included in the same genre, but because of the extent of the world, the game is an open world title and the approach will be different.

Elden Ring

Players should be able to create their own characters. They can also ride horses to explore the vast world, and the icing on the cake is that it will be possible even to fight on horseback. In terms of content, Miyazaki tells us not to expect an overcrowded game, but Elden Ring will be full of ruins to explore. However, NPCs will not be left behind thanks to the contribution of George R.R. Martin. Hidetaka Miyazaki also specifies the role that the author had within the team. We learn that George R.R. Martin did not write the game scenario, but defined the game. He explains that this choice allowed him not to suffer the specific constraints applied to video game scenarios, and to give him greater freedom to build a universe and a rich background for the game.

Although it will be necessary to wait for a while to learn more about Elden Ring and even more to see some gameplay, all this seems to be promising at least. Remember that Elden Ring has no release date yet, but it should be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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