The drama has been going on for a while with Star Wars Battlefront II. Electronic Arts’ policy regarding unlocking content through payment and loot boxes managed to upset a lot of people even before the game launched, managing to get it the doubtful honor of having the Guinness World Record for the most downvoted comment in Reddit’s history. Around that time, loot boxes also started to be a concern for several governments. This situation has led to loot boxes being considered as a form of gambling in several countries and in most cases, it has forced the companies using this type of feature to clarify to the players the real chances to get a certain item form a box.

Now, the Daily Crates, the only loot boxes left in Star Wars Battlefront II after the removal of the cosmetic ones a few months ago, have been removed in favor of daily quests.

“Daily Crates have been removed. In order to offer the same Credit payout on a daily basis, we will be expanding Daily Quests from 3 to 4 in a future update.”

The matter is still under consideration in many cases, but it’s quite surprising that after all the problems this feature has causes EA has decided now to remove it from Star Wars Battlefront II. Cooperation Update is already available for the game and it comes with a variety of changes including a new character to play, the Clone Commando, a new location to battle at, planet Felucia, and a new appearance for Luke Skywalker, that now can look like the young farmboy that appeared in A New Hope.

The Clone Commando is an elite operative from the Galactic Republic army that wields a DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifle with an Anti-Armor Attachment, becoming a deadly threat against both light infantry and heavily armored targets. He is also able to buff nearby allies’ defense and heal himself.

Planet Felucia is a planet which surface is covered by a dense jungle mainly composed of several types of fungus. Among the creatures that form its rich wildlife, you can find some deadly specimens, so you will have to mind your step and try not to end falling down a Sarlacc pit.

If you want to check the complete patch notes you can visit Star Wars Battlefront II forums.

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