It’s been a while since E3 2019 finished but believe it or not the event is still generating interesting information. More than the event itself, we are talking about a game that was shown during the games convention, Dying Light 2. A demo of the award-winning title developed by Techland was shown during the event behind closed doors and now it’s finally open to the general public. You can now watch the 26 minutes of Dying Light 2 amazing gameplay in 4k that was shown at the E3 this year. Even if a few months have passed, it still looks amazing.

In Dying Light 2 the society is on the brink of collapse. As Aiden Caldwell, you live in one of the cities where humans still survive. the place is infected and its dangerous streets are full of bandits and other factions that will try to kill you to rob you or just for fun. The scarcity of resources is so big that there are many who would not hesitate to kill to get something to eat or drink. In this terrible scenario, you are an infected survivor and that grants you unparalleled agility and capabilities that make you deadly in combat. That is reason enough to make you a valuable ally. It is also the main reason why you will be the one in charge of finding out a solution to avoid the chaos that will extend through the place when the city’s largest human settlement loses its source of drinking water. This is one of the main missions in Dying Light 2 and the one featured in the video.

The infected still hate UV light in Dying Light 2

Agile parkour movements that will allow you to traverse the city in spectacular ways, brutal and gruesome melee combat, loads of infected and other enemies, and an open world that will react to your decisions is what awaits you in Dying Light 2. The game will launch in the spring of 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One but the official release date has not been confirmed yet.

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