Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Substory Guide
While playing through DBZ Kakarot, you will run into side quests you can complete called Substories. Check out this Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Substory guide to find and complete them all as you play. These will help you level up much quicker and also gives you plenty of rewards and Soul Emblems.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is divided into multiple parts representing the different Sagas from the Dragon Ball Z universe. After each saga is an intermission, usually some basic story quests and more side quests open at these points. Our guide below shows you each of the side quests available in the different sagas and the following intermission. Each Substory is also directly tied to one of the 7 different Community Boards, we’ve included that information in the brackets.

To save time exploring the entire world constantly, you can check the map and look for the blue ! icon on an area, this tells you there is a side quest in that area.

Saiyan Saga Substories Guide

Master Roshis Prized Possession (Adults)
The turtle on Master Roshi’s island has hidden his magazine. Talk to Bulma, then the turtle, then go to the marker to dig up Roshi’s magazine. Hand it back to him to get some EXP and other items.
Nam The Peddler (Adults)
Nam will ask for your help on the East Ravine map. He needs to help with his cart business. Talk to the guy at the blue marker and he will give you a fossil. Follow the next marker to the fossil area and speak to the man in the hat. He will trade the fossil for food and water and you can return to Nam. You will get Nam’s Soul Emblem for this.
Foggy Future (Adults)
This quest happens when you are playing as Gohan, after he learns how to fly. Help out fortune teller Baba and you be awarded.
Gentle Giant (R&D)
You can find this quest on the East Ravine map. Talk to Eighter there and he will ask for some help defeating a local Red Ribbon robots. Kill the support ones first, as they will heal the others. Destroy the others as you see fit. You will be warped back to Eighter when you are finished.

Telekinesis Training (Cooking)
You can pick this quest up as you are playing Piccolo during the Saiyan Saga. Beat down Tien and this side quest opens up. This is a fight with Tien and Chiaotzu. Take out Chiaotzu first, he has less HP, then focus on Tien. Beat the both and you complete the quest.
The Fifth Trainee (Adventures)
You can do this quest when you are Piccolo during the Saiyan Saga. You first need to catch some deer for Yajirobe. When you return, he has run away because he doesn’t want to fight Piccolo. Use your Ki vision (L1) to spot this light blue cave in the area. Near the cave, up on the cliff, you can find Yajirobe and his Red Ki. Talk to him to complete the quest.

Intermission 1

The Pilaf Gangs Plan (R&D)
This one is found in West Area during the first intermission when you are playing as Gohan, it opens up after meeting with Roshi. The quest opens up in the West Area of the map and you have to help out Pilaf. Defeat the robots and you will complete the quest.

Foreboding Fear (R&D)
This quest opens up after you complete the Pilaf Gang Plan and find Launch for Master Roshi. Speak to Bulma at her home and she will ask for some help. Head to where you faced off with Raditz and grab the chip there. Return to Bulma to complete the quest.

Mysterious Power Reading (R&D)
This is a second quest from Bulma, you have to leave Capsule Corp and re enter to get it. You have to return to where Raditz landed and fight some Saibamen. You get a high quality vegetable after and unlock the Saibaman Soul Emblem.
Familiar Face (R&D)
Another Intermission side quest. Head back to Goku’s house and Tao Pai Pai will be there for a chat. Another mission to take down some Saibamen. Beat them down, return, and get your rewards.

Evil Emperor Frieza Saga Substories

Like A Different Person (Cooking)
When you complete the Intermission, Ox King will have a quest for you. Head inside the house and speak with Chi Chi to see whats wrong. The fridge needs food and you have to help. You need two pieces of beast meat and four carrots. I had 31 carrots on me so those can be bought in town. You can also buy Beast Meat, but I found mine in the Sacred Land of Korin. It will come from the Deer that roam around the woods.

Wild Imagination (Z Warriors)
At the start of this chapter head to Kame House. Speak with Krillin and start the Substory. You need to fight Nappa and the Krillin, both are simple enough fights.
Tough Break For Turtle (Cooking)

Another Substory available at Kame House at the start of this chapter. Head inside Kame House and speak with Turtle. You need to pick up some ingredients for the fridge. You need to find 6 Eggs, 7 Rice and a Royal Tomato. You can find Eggs scattered around inside the Capsule Corporation. You can buy Rice at the food store in the Southeast Mountains. The Royal Tomato is in the Southeast Mountains Area, fast travel to Goku’s House and head to the nearby farm. You then need to find 10 Great Energetic Fish. You can find these underwater in schools of fish in the West City area, just travel outside West City to the nearby water and search there. Trade the fish with the farmer for the Royal Tomato.

Once you have them all, return to Turtle to complete the Substory. You get Turtles Soul Emblem.

Yamcha Is Alive (Adults)
Inside West City, speak with Oolong. You need to follow Yamcha’s “ghost” around town and watch him talking to various ladies. There’s a basic fight against three robots at the end and then you learn of Yamcha’s true nature.
Victimized Namekian (Cooking)
After you meet Guru in the story on Planet Namek, this Substory will appear on the map. Kill Frieza’s goons and then find the 4 pieces of Namekian Fruit. Two are nearby, the other two are on the smaller island just to the East. Be sure to use your Sense Ki ability to find them easily.
Selfish Bulma (R&D)
After Vegeta finds 6 of the Dragon Balls in the story, Bulma will have a new Substory for you. She requires 3x Iron Ore and 2x Alien Whitefish Fin Muscle. The Iron is easy to find, look for the ore spots on the map. There’s a fishing spot just South West of Bulma. You can find the Alien Whitefish Fin Muscle there. It’s not a guaranteed drop, about 1 in 4 catches.
Tourists In Trouble (Adventure)

Appears on the map the same time as Selfish Bulma (R&D). Speak with the two tourists and they will ask you to find a Maristone. Figuring out where to find the Maristone seems tough at first, but it’s actually really simple. Head to the area provided on the map and use your Ki Blasts to blow up all the nearby large rock formations & mountains. The Maristone is inside one of them.

Rogue Chef Malone (Cooking)
After you defeat the Ginyu Force on Planet Namek, this Substory will appear on the map. Beat him down and then help him find all the fruits. They aren’t difficult to find, head to each area and use your Kai Sense to find them.

Intermission 2 Substories

Attacked Villager (Cooking)
There is a woman being attacked by Sabimen up the river from Goku’s house. They are level 32, so be ready for a scrap. You have to be Gohan to help her. After you beat them down, you complete the quest.
The Mystery Of The Missing Tail (Adults)
This quest is at the Kame House but Vegeta can’t be in your party. First chat with Oolong then Kami, he will send you to Vegeta. Beat Vegeta, then return to Oolong to complete the quest.
One Cool Dude (Adults)
This can be found in West City, near Capsule Corp, speak with Puar. Then, go chat with Yamcha and you will have to fight Robots with him.
Yamcha: the Man, the Myth, the Legend (Cooking)
This can be found in West City, near Capsule Corp from Puar. I had to enter Capsule Corp and leave for this one to pop up for me, after I completed One Cool Dude. You will have to fight Yamcha as Gohan, which is a cake walk.
The Pride Of The Warrior Race (Adventure)
If you bring Raditz back with the Dragon Balls this is the side quest you get from him. You need to beat Raditz and the Saibamen to complete it. You need to be Piccolo to do this quest.
Saiyan Power (Adventure)
If you bring Nappa back with the Dragon Balls this is the side quest you get from him. You need to beat Nappa and the Saibamen to complete it. You need to be Gohan to do this quest.
Power Is Justice (Training)
If you bring Dodoria back with the Dragon Balls this is the side quest you get from him. You need to beat Dodoria to complete it. I was Gohan when I did it, but I don’t think it matters.
Power Is Beauty (Training)
If you bring Zarbon back with the Dragon Balls this is the side quest you get from him. You need to beat Zarbon twice to complete it, this means two fights and two sets of EXP. I was Gohan when I did it, but I don’t think it matters.
Ginyu Force Tryouts (Training)
If you choose to bring the Ginyu Force back with the Dragon Balls you get this mission. Captain Ginyu isn’t dead so he doesn’t fight with them, but the rest are there. Beat them down to some exp and their soul emblems.

Android Saga Substories

Bummed About Bananas (Training)
After you defeat Trunks with Goku, you can visit the world map. On the world map, press the “Off Earth Area” button, it’s Triangle on PS4. This opens up King Kai’s Planet. Head there and speak with Bubbles. After you speak with Bulma, head to Blake Bog. They are easy to find in the objective area, use your Ki Sense to find the purple orbs on the floor.
Easy-Going Genius (R&D)

Speak with Doctor Briefs in Capsule Corp. You need to find and deliver 1 Skull Robo Gear, 1 Densite and 1 Silver Ore. Silver Ore is common in ore locations, the other two are quest specific. The Robo Gear is easy, head to the location in West Area and defeat the robots. The Densite, the same, just blow up the large landmass at the location.

A Competitive Party With Friends (R&D, DLC)
Head to Goku’s House and speak with Yamcha. Meet up with the group and then take down Vegeta in a fight. Then you have to complete a race on a bi-pedal robot. It’s a bit frustrating but just follow the arrows and use the green circles as boost to reach each checkpoint to extend your time.
The Meaning Of Training (Z Warriors)
When you are controlling Vegeta during the Android Saga, head to West Area and speak with Tien. Beat down Tien to complete the Substory.
Yajirobe and Korin (Gods)
After Goku’s driving license test, this Substory appears in the Sacred Land of Korin. Head there and speak with Yajirobe. You need to catch 2 Goliath Catfish and 1 Scarlet Catfish. Both fish can be found in the pond next to Yajirobe, target the fish with the biggest fins. The Scarlet one only seems to appear if you use bait. If you need help targeting specific fish, check out our DBZ Kakarot Fishing Guide.

Your Friend Is My Friend (R&D)
After you gain control of Future Trunks in the Android Saga, this Substory appears in the North Mountains Area. Speak with Eighter. Defeat the two groups of robots in the area.
Close Encounters Of The Troublesome Kind (Adventure)
When you are playing as Piccolo in the Android Saga, this Substory appears in the West Area, Gingertown. It’s the tourist couple from Namek. Speak to them to start the Substory. Head to Gizard Wasteland and kill the dinosaur there to complete the Substory.

We’re updating this Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Substory Guide as we progress through the game. Check back soon for updates.

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