Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Community Leader Guide
Want to know how to unlock all Community Leaders in DBZ Kakarot and what they do? This Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Community Leader Guide answers all of your Community Leader related questions including how to get one for each Community, the purpose they serve, and what they can do for your adventure.

Community Leaders are unique, they are different from the average Soul Emblems that you can find and unlock. As the name implies, they act as leaders for a specific community. For example, Goku is the leader of the Z Warriors Community, Chi-Chi leads the Food community and so forth. Each community offers different benefits depending on level.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Community Leader Guide

A Community is inactive until a Community Leader is found. It’s not a random thing, only specific characters can be a community leader. All Community Leaders are unlocked after the beginning of the 2nd Saga when you fly to Namek to find the Dragon Balls.

Community Leader Name Community How To Unlock
Goku Z Fighter Automatically
Chi-Chi Cooking Story Related (After you cook a meal with Chi-Chi)
King Kai Training Story Related (After you make him laugh)
Bulma Development Story Related (After you help her build her ship)
Mr. Popo God Story Related (After Goku clears Snake Road)
Master Roshi Adult Substory (After you complete Roshi’s substory)
Yajirobe Adventure Story Related (After he helps Kid Gohan hunt)

A Community Leader is automatically placed into their community. They are the only Soul Emblems that cannot be move or transferred to other communities. As such, it’s a good idea to focus on the bonuses they can offer, as a higher level community offers more rewards.

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