Bethesda Softworks and Id Software are trying to make amends by improving multiplayer gameplay in DOOM Eternal. The previous installment in the series was launched by them in 2016, and many players complained about it saying that it didn’t really feel like a DOOM title, so the developers have been working hard on bringing back the frenetic gory mayhem that made the franchise one of the favorites of the first-person shooters’ fans. We can watch the results of those efforts in a new gameplay video that shows six minutes of DOOM Eternal’s Battlemode.

Battlemode is a two vs. one gameplay mode in DOOM Eternal where one player takes the role of the Slayer to fight against two other players who have to choose between five different demons to try and get rid of the legendary protagonist of the ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>DOOM series. Each of the demons will have different abilities; the Pain Elemental can fly and protect himself with a soul shield, the Revenant can dash and is equipped rocket launchers, and the Mancubus is a slow brute armed with flamethrowers and heavy cannons. They also share some capabilities too, like setting traps through the map and summoning lesser demons that will attack the Slayer. Combining their capabilities will be the best option to try and get rid of the hero.

The Slayer won’t have an easy time in this mode. Not only he will have to manage his resources and get rid of two opponents, but once he kills the first demon, he will only have twenty seconds to kill the second one before the first one resurrects. This feature adds a lot of strategic options to the mode, because if both demons try to gang up on the Slayer they will probably have more chances of killing him, but they are also giving him a better opportunity to destroy both of them together.

DOOM Eternal – Battlemode

Six different arenas will be available for Battlemode when DOOM Eternal launches on November 22 this year for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. Id Software has promised to add more stages and demons for free after the release of the game.

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