On the occasion of the BlizzCon 2019 held in early November, we were able to discover new images and new information about the next installment of the Diablo series.

We will probably have to be patient before we can get our hands on Diablo IV and face Lilith. While this happens, his predecessor Diablo III is about to launch a new season. Released in 2012, it offers since 2015 a seasonal systemin wich each of them comes with a different theme, various bonuses, and a number of awards and achievements to unlock. Season 18 of Diablo III launched last August, and it was under the sign of the Triad. Season 19 will be that of the Eternal Conflict, and it will begin on November 22.

Season 19 of Diablo III will give you the bonus Pandemonium, which will allow you to increase your movement speed by up to 50%, and your damage up to 100%. This bonus will be permanent for the duration of the season, in which you will also be able to unlock special effects by reaching certain killstreak goals. Here is the complete list:

15 Kills: Exploding Chickens seek and destroy

30 Kills: A wide Frost Nova freezes enemies

50 Kills: Corpses rain from the sky

100 Kills: Five massive Energy Twisters are unleashed

150 Kills: Dark Geysers form beneath enemies

200 Kills: Treasure chests fall from the sky

300 Kills: A ring of fire engulfs everything

400 Kills: Meteors hail from above

500 Kills: Angels descend upon the battlefield to fight for your cause

1000 Kills: ?????

As for the rewards, you can get a number of them as you progress through the Journey. Not only you will unlock ornaments from Season 7 but also the Portrait of Valor and the Angelic Goblin mascot. You can also obtain Helm and Shoulders slots of the exclusive Conqueror Set. As on every other season, you will get Haedrig’s Gifts finishing certain chapters of the story and each of them will contain a certain piece of a specific armor set depending on the class you are playing. Each class has a different set to unlock this season and since you can only get the gifts once you need to make sure to get them with a character of the class you want. That will make things a lot easier for you since it gives you a very good head start and saves you a lot of time farming certain pieces to complete an armor set.

Diablo III – Season 19 Armor Sets

New challenges will also be part of the Seasonal Conquest too. Finally, Diablo III Season 19 also introduces some bug fixes and balancing improvements, with the 2.6.7 update. You can see the complete patch notes as well as the details of Season 19 on the official blog of Diablo III.

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