After the ports of the first two episodes of the Devil May Cry series on Switch, it’s the turn of the third installment. As it was announced last November, Devil May Cry 3 will arrive on Nintendo’s hybrid console on February 20, allowing players to take advantage of its features, including the possibility of playing in portable mode.

But that will obviously not be the only new feature of this Switch version. First of all, remember that this is a port of Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, released a year after the original game, which added to the game the Bloody Palace mode and the possibility of playing Vergil.

In addition to this, other new features should be integrated into the Switch version of Devil May Cry 3. A few days ago, Matt Walker, a producer of the game, posted on Twitter a short video in which he informs us that this version will benefit from “a little extra” and invites us to check back on three dates for more information, January 16 and 30, and February 13. This video was then retweeted by the official Devil May Cry account, this time mentioning “three additional features”.

We will have to wait until the said dates to know what these three new features will be. However, it could be that the official website of the game is giving us a clue already. In fact, it mentions the “new style change system”. When it was released, Devil May Cry 3 included this system, which allows players to adapt their fighting style to suit preferences when fighting certain enemies. However, it was only possible to change styles under certain conditions.

As the site is currently dedicated to the release on Switch, it is possible that this indicates a redesign of the style change, such as the possibility of being able to change it on the fly during the fights. At the moment, this is only an assumption and we will have to wait for the next revelations to know what is coming for real.

Devil May Cry 3 – Swordmaster fighting style

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