Watching guilds and groups of players beating new content just a few hours after it’s been released is something quite usual nowadays. The recent launch of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion has followed the same path, and barely six hours after it was made avaialble, a group of players has managed to beat the challenging Garden of Salvation for the first time on PC. Bungie hastily announced their names as recognition through it’s official twitter account.

These players have received a special emblem as a reward for their efforts, but this event will also affect the other Destiny 2 players in a different manner. Due to their accomplishment, any player that owns the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion and decides to visit the Moon will find Vex troops in the patrol zones. Also, a new cooperative game mode has been unlocked. Keep in mind that to play on the new mode you only need to own the expansion, and it does not matter if you have beaten the Garden of Salvation or not.

If you want to watch the strategy that was used to beat the raid you can watch it on the following video, but we advise you not to watch it if you care about spoilers.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep takes the Guardians to the Moon to fight against a new enemy that threatens the galaxy. It includes plenty of new content for the players to explore as well as new weapons and customization options. It’s the first expansion released since Destiny 2 changed to a new distribution model on PC, leaving and becoming available on Steam. As a reminder, Destiny 2 has been recently launched in a free-to-play version called Destiny 2: New Light that gives you access to the base game, and most of the content previously released for Bungie’s shooter. If you want more infor about the new business model for Destiny 2 you can visit Bungie’s official site.

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