Destiny 2, the first-person shooter developed by Bungie, is going to see a lot of changes in the upcoming months. Not only it´s getting Shadowkeep, a new expansion that’s coming after the summer, but the game will also be available for free with the launch of Destiny 2: New Light.

Destiny 2 – Shadowkeep

Destiny 2: New Light will be the new “baseline game” for Destiny 2, and this new form will come with all of the content released during the first year of the game including the whole campaign, Leviathan raid, all the rewards, and mainly Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions. It´s a great way to attract people into the game, but you have to keep in mind that all the content released after that still needs to be purchased. So if you want to play Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion, you will have to buy it.

The same goes for the new Shadowkeep expansion that is coming on September 17th. This will be a standalone DLC that will take us to the moon in the next chapter of the Destiny 2 experience in an adventure that once again will get the Guardians to fight against new threats and collect new weapons.
Those who pre-order the Standard Edition of Shadowkeep will receive the Two-Tailed Fox Exotic Rocket Launcher and an exclusive Hive-themed ornament. There is also the Digital Deluxe Edition that comes with a few Eris Morn themed items and four Season Passes, each offering a unique set of exclusive Seasonal activities, artifacts, and rewards.

It seems that after breaking with Activision, Bungie is also rethinking all their marketing plan for the franchise, because they have also announced that Destiny 2 will be available on Steam. And that’s not the only surprise they had for us in storage because it was also revealed that they would be introducing a cross-save system for Destiny 2. It will allow players to shift between any platform the game is available for as they see fit, that is, PlayStation 4, Steam, Xbox One, and Google Stadia too!

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