Commandos became one of the best real-time tactics series of all times. Following its shadow, Desperados offered us the same type of gameplay but focused on a different setting. Instead of playing a special unit that would accomplish undercover missions behind the enemy lines during World War II, the setting changed to the Wild West, and we played a band of gunslingers trying to capture the infamous train-robber “El Diablo.” Stealth-based gameplay and great difficulty was the core of both series. Now, Desperados 3 is on the way, and you have a chance of giving it a try before it launches.

THQ Nordic GmbH will hold a closed beta for Desperados 3 starting next week. The event will be available for just a few hundred people, but anyone can register and opt-in for the beta just visiting the beta registration page, filling up a form and agreeing to the NDA. Desperados 3 closed beta will be running from July 9 to July 21, so if you manage to get in, you will enjoy the game for twelve days. The game doesn´t have a confirmed release date yet, but it’s supposedly coming in 2019.

In Desperados 3, we will control a group of unlikely heroes as they struggle to succeed in a mission to thwart the plans of a powerful businessman while being chased by corrupt law enforcers and bandits alike. The gunslinger John Cooper joins forces with the runaway bride Kate O´Hara, shady Arthur “Doc” McCoy, the giant trapper Hector and a mysterious lady from New Orleans. Each of them is a specialist with certain skills, and the cooperation between them is paramount if they want to get through the different scenarios in the game.

As the story progresses they will have to get through seemingly impossible situations, turning the tables with careful planning and perfectly timed executions. A combination of stealth, deadly, and non-lethal options can be used to solve each of the puzzle-like scenarios in many different ways. If that wasn´t complicated enough already, you can also raise the difficulty level and even tackle different challenges.

Desperados 3 gameplay

Desperados 3 offers you a thrilling adventure in the Wild West that will pleasantly surprise both fans of the genre and newcomers, but since its story is based on previous entries in the series it may be a good idea if you give a try to the previous Desperados installments, although it’s not really needed to enjoy the game.

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