The countdown for Death Stranding has started.

A 30-second trailer for Death Stranding has been released on Twitter and it’s too short to be of any comfort. The clip shows the palm of a hand with the phrase Create the Rope written across it. The trailer was dropped after a tweet from Hideo Kojima himself of the countdown with the same caption, “Create the rope.” Since then, all the fans have been feeling both excitement and confusion and eagerly waiting for more.

So far, we know that a new video will be published on Wednesday, May 29th, but nobody can guess if it will be a gameplay video or just a teaser or what.

Very little is known about the gameplay of Death Stranding. That explains the increasing excitement from players regarding the upcoming trailer, as it might offer some insight into the game. Hideo Kojima shared some images of him working on the trailer last month. Rumor says that we might be seeing a story trailer this Wednesday and it might run up to 8-minutes. Story trailers are usually long because sometimes they contain a bit of gameplay footage.

Death Stranding trailer is coming in two days!

Death Stranding is the first game of Hideo Kojima since breaking with Konami. Death Stranding is a big project though, it will feature several celebrities such as The Walking Dead actors Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Lindsay Wagner, Lea Seydoux, Troy Baker.

Reedus shared that Death Stranding is something that he hasn’t seen before, “The concept is so far out into the future. Instead of eliminating everyone around you, it’s bringing everyone together.” He also added that the game is equally scary, depressing, and somehow positive at the same time.

No release date is set for Death Stranding. For now, it is currently under development still for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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