After further revealing its story and gameplay with two videos and a presentation from Hideo Kojima in person at the recent Tokyo Games Show, Death Stranding keeps being a hot topic.

The title has managed to generate what can be described without too much exaggeration a certain bad buzz in the recent days. The reason is a tweet from Death Stranding‘s dad, Hideo Kojima, in which he declares that he has worked personally on all aspects of the game’s design, from the original idea to the merchandising. This was not to everyone’s taste since many players have criticized him for taking all the credit, which also belongs to the teams of the studio. He then calmed the spirits with a second tweet, but obviously, not everyone was convinced by Kojima’s half-hearted mea culpa.

Anyway, the wait will not be very long, because Death Stranding will be released on November 8th. We have known today that the game just became gold. This means that the development of the game is over, and the studio announces the news with a picture of the whole team.

In parallel, we discovered during the last State of Play that a Limited Edition PS4 Pro for collectors would accompany the release of the game. With a rather sober aesthetic and two traces of handprints, it has some nice details, like the title of the game engraved in gold letters on the side of the console. It will be accompanied by a controller, also decorated with the colors of the game, all in a bundle, which we imagine that will be sold very quickly.

PS4 Pro Limited Edition Death Stranding

Death Stranding will be released on November 8, only on PS4. Do not hesitate to visit our comparator to get it at the best price.

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