Civilization VI, the latest installment in the Sid Meier’s Civilization series, was released almost three years ago and since then, it has expanded its content with new leaders and civilizations that can be bought “à la carte”, but also with two DLC. With Rise and Fall, released in 2018 and Gathering Storm, released earlier this year, players are far from lacking in new content. But we have so far only cited the paid content, and it is quite possible not to pay to get new content in Civilization VI and just get it with the free updates.

Indeed, Firaxis regularly publishes updates for Civilization VI, and the one in September is rather surprising. If the one in June focused on the Gathering Storm expansion, the one in September will bring content for all players. This month’s update mainly adds a new mode, called Red Death, which is no other than a Battle Royale mode. Yes, it seems that the Battle Royale fashion keeps going, but which is, however, more surprising, is that we are more used to seeing this kind of mode in FPS. It can be interesting to see what it can add to a strategy game.

Civilization VI – The New Red Death Mode

Red Death introduces the main feature of the Battle Royale titles to the game, adding a radioactive cloud that threatens the players, spreading more and more as time progresses. In this mode, up to 12 players will have to try to survive, and only the last one alive will be able to escape from the planet via an extraction ship. You will not have to make your civilization progress, but protect your civilians. At the beginning of the game, you will face the AI ​​to get equipment and improve your units, but with the safety zone narrowing, you will also face the other players as the game progresses. Several factions with various inspirations are available in this mode, and they are presented in the trailer below, which does not lack humor.

Even if the news is surprising, it does not fail to bring some novelty to the gameplay of Civilization VI. Red Death mode is already available for all PC players. Firaxis has not yet said anything about the release of this mode on Switch.

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