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Do you remember Little Witch Academia and Kill la Kill? They’re both anime series that have a huge following and if you haven’t heard of either, it’s because they were created by a quirky Japanese animation studio by the name of Studio TRIGGER. The popular studio is known for their flashy, action-packed animation style and fan service. It seems WayForward Technologies has recruited the studio to work on an animation that will serve as the Shantae 5 opening. It’s exactly what you would expect from Studio TRIGGER, with boobs, chibi characters, and insane camera angles at every turn. It’s a cool combo that fans will be sure to drool over.

You can check out the short, but insane video (that would make a fantastic Shantae anime opening) below. Get ready for a zippy splash of color and action.

Studio TRIGGER’s own resident producer, Naoko Tsutsumi, collaborated with the original creators of Shantae to bring this indie game intro to life. There’s also a great music track that accompanies the video with vocals by Cristina Vee (known as Miraculous Ladybug). What are your thoughts on the anime-inspired Shantae intro? Do you love it or do you think this is the wrong direction?

Looking forward to playing the latest entry in the Shantae series or are you going to dive in for the first time? There are plenty of other entries in the series that you can usually pick up on sale if you want a lighthearted platformer to play. Shantae 5 is expected to arrive later this year on all major platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Apple Arcade (Apple’s new game streaming service). The game still doesn’t have a solid release date, so keep an eye out for any news about that and keep Sick Critic bookmarked for all your video game news and reviews.

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