Celeste, the critically acclaimed platformer from Matt Thorson and Noel Berry, will finally get its long-awaited Chapter 9: Farewell. The DLC will launch next week, and it’s coming with a lot of content for the game. It will include more than 100 new levels for you to explore as you climb up to the top of Celeste mountain in an adventure that will make you face the darkest part of your inner self.

Chapter 9: Farewell will add another episode to the story of Celeste. It also adds several new gameplay mechanics as well as over 40 minutes of new music from Lena Raine. To access this new chapter, all you have to do is finish the previous one, and since it’s completely free, you won’t have to pay for it. Updating the game when Chapter 9: Farewell launches on September 9 will be enough. If you are playing the game on Xbox One, you may have to wait for a bit longer to be able to enjoy the new content.

The release of the final DLC for Celeste has also been used by the developers to announce that they are forming a new studio with the name of Extremely OK Games. The huge success of Celeste has given them enough of a push to be able to embark in this new adventure and start new projects looking at the future with a smile on their face. If you consider what they achieved with very limited resources and people the thew business adventure is bound to grant us quite pleasant surprises in the future, exactly like Celeste did when it originally launched in 2018.


Celeste has been up for grabs on Epic Games store until yesterday. If you got your copy for free or you find the best price to buy it on our comparator, you can already start progressing through the game, just in time to complete the story when Chapter 9: Farewell launches next Monday.

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