Best New iPhone Games on Our Forums: ‘JackQuest – The Tale of the Sword’, ‘Snakebird Primer’, ‘Card Crusade’, ‘Shieldwall Chronicles’, and More

Heyyyyyy e’rybody, it’s another Wednesday as we continue to plow right through 2019! Aside from being the eve of my birthday, today is home to not one but three different made up holidays which all kinda sorta apply to the TouchArcade universe. The first of which is Inconvenience Yourself Day, which is a day about inconveniencing yourself to help other people which is something we should probably all do a bit more of. The second is National Retro Day, which fits since we’ve got such a love for pixel-powered retro stuff around here, and last, but not least, you probably already heard about: Pokemon Day. The good news is, while you’re busy deciding which of these three holidays to celebrate you can also dig through a whole bunch of new iOS games that have recently hit the App Store!

Stay tuned for the full roundup later this evening!

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Amazon Has a 400GB MicroSD Card for $62 Today

It’s really sort of incredible just how cheap storage media has gotten over the years. I remember when USB was brand new I has a 32 megabyte flash drive I paid well over $100 for. Maybe more even. Well, today’s Amazon deal of the day is a SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC UHS-I card for $62. As of this writing, there’s a little more than 14 hours left. This is a stupidly good deal, particularly considering that aside from Apple devices, basically everything that uses any kind of storage media takes microSD cards. Drones, GoPro cameras, the Nintendo Switch, all kinds of Android devices, etc.

Previously, the “sweet spot” was the 256GB card as the price jump between 256GB and 400GB was significant, but today’s deal that brings these cards down to $60 is real hard to pass up. Last time one of these deals rolled around (which I think I put it at around $80?) I grabbed one for my Switch and it is ridiculously liberating to just never really need to worry about space again, particularly as Nintendo keeps releasing these huge download-only games. This isn’t a junky card either, it’s a name brand, fast card. Usually when these ultra-cheap cards roll around they’re weird, slow, no-name cards we don’t even bother posting about.

And hey, buying through our links helps TouchArcade in a small way, so get loads of storage and throw us a bone at the same time!

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SwitchArcade Round-Up: ‘To The Moon’ Coming to Switch, ‘Armello’ Update on the Way, New Releases, Today’s Sales, and More

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for February 27th, 2019. It’s a bit of a weird one today as obviously the big news is whatever will happen (has happened?) in the Pokemon Direct. Unfortunately, I’m writing this before the Direct, and I’m pretty sure it will be posted after the Direct. So what do we do? Leave it be and recap tomorrow, I suppose! Instead, I’ve got some news tidbits and the usual business of new release summaries and sales information. Let’s get to it!


The Narrative Adventure ‘To The Moon’ Comes to Switch This Summer

While I enjoy a good RPG, I find it fascinating when developers use RPGMaker to make something outside of the genre. It’s where Corpse Party was born, and that’s obviously a pretty big success. Another big non-RPG RPGMaker game that hit it big is To The Moon, a story-driven adventure with some light puzzles and a heavy mood. Unfortunately, the fact that the game used the engine it did meant that it had a hard time appearing on consoles, keeping it from fully taking wing across the widest possible audience. The mobile port re-created the game in Unity, and that means it can be more easily released on consoles. And here we are! To The Moon will come to Switch this summer. Please enjoy.

‘Minecraft’ Mashes Up With ‘Steven Universe’

Every so often, Minecraft gets together with a popular license and some beautiful stuff results. The latest is Steven Universe, and the game is really going all-in. There are a whopping 48 new character skins, textures inspired by the show, some of the actual music, and locations such as Beach City and Homeworld. Best of all, that update is available right now! This is where you would normally put in a cute reference to the show, but I’ve still only ever come into contact with Steven Universe through Attack the Light, so I’ve got nothing. Sorry!

The Next Spirit Board Event in ‘Smash’ is Very Metal Indeed

Yes, it’s the time of the week where the next Spirit Board event is announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Running through the weekend as usual, this event is called Hard ‘N Heavy Metal, and it includes Spirits made from metal. They’ll appear more often than usual, and if you hammer them into shape, you’ll earn extra gold, which is also a metal. So yes, it all checks out. Unless you were hoping for Ozzy Osbourne to show up or something. He will not be appearing in this event, sorry. But we do have Kirby piloting an adorable pink robot, which is as metal as metal gets if you ask me.

‘Armello’ is Getting a Big Update in the Future

The developer behind the compelling digital board game Armello has confirmed that the 2.0 update that just hit the computer versions of the game today will also be coming to the console ports in the future. This update addresses a lot of the feedback that players have given about the game, with massive improvements to the multiplayer experience, an overhauled UI, new 3D cards, and extra rewards through Hero Mastery. To celebrate the update’s arrival, Armello and its DLC …

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Split Some Slimes in Two in Upcoming Action Platformer ‘Knights & Slimes’

Indie developer Monte Boyd, maker of the fast-paced arcade game Finger Smash (Free), has a really cool looking game in the works called Knights & Slimes. It’s an action platformer but not in the traditional sense. You play as a knight aiming to rid the world of slimes of all sizes and colors. Slimes are a nuisance in the world of fantasy lore, you know? Best to slice and dice them. But they also have a tendency to split apart when sliced, thus creating two enemies from one. That’s exactly how it works in Knights & Slimes too. Slimes will burst into two smaller slimes when attacked, but in a very cool twist you’ll actually create a combo chain if you’re able to slice that smaller portion before it hits the ground. See what it’s like in the following trailer.

As I said, Knights & Slimes isn’t a traditional action platformer. The levels are arena-style and are only a couple of screen lengths long, and the layouts of the platforms and the enemies are randomly generated each time you play. But this isn’t an endless game and there actually is a level-like structure to it. Kill all the slimes in a single level and you’ll move on to the next, and beating ten levels will bring you to a boss fight. Beating a boss will unlock the next area. There are five different areas and five different bosses in the game for a total of 50 levels. The game gets more difficult as you go and every five levels will unlock a new slime type, and all the different slimes in the game have unique behaviors to learn. Attacking happens by simply running into a slime with your weapon, very similar to the classic Slayin but you actually have control over your movement and jumping in Knights & Slimes.

It’s a really cool structure and setup for a mobile platformer, as levels don’t take terribly long to complete but they’re still challenging and you can continue playing as many of them as you feel you have time for. There’s also a huge roster of more than 20 unlockable Knights that you can buy with in-game coins. Those coins are picked up at random during a level and pulling off a combo where you destroy bits of a slime before they hit the ground will also produce coins. You can also buy coins as IAP with just two different packs: A 99¢ one and a $1.99 one. What’s cool is that those packs will also come with additional lives. By default you have just one life so if you die on a level you’ll simply restart at the beginning of that same level. But the 99¢ pack will grant you an additional life, and the $1.99 grants you two additional lives. These are permanent too so in addition to getting the coins from the pack you’ll also get permanent upgrades to the number of lives you have. You can also watch video ads for extra coins, if that’s your thing.

Overall Knights & Slimes is ticking all the boxes of things I love in mobile platformers, so keep your eye out for it as the developer is shooting …

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Creepy Swinging Game ‘Rest in Pieces’ Launching March 7th, New Trailer and Pre-Order Available Now

A couple of weeks ago we took an early look at Rest in Pieces from developer Itatake, a third-person swinging game with a really creepy and unique aesthetic. The game is something like a behind-the-back runner but instead of “changing lanes” as you would in most games, in Rest in Pieces you’re actually swinging left and right trying to avoid running into obstacles. The environments are dark and scary but the characters are these elegant porcelain dolls, and the juxtaposition makes for an unsettling sight, but in a really great way. You know what? Itatake just released a brand new trailer for Rest in Pieces, so instead of flapping my gums about it, just check it out in motion for yourself.

There are three different environments in Rest in Pieces, and you’ll actually face off against the giant boss that’s looming on your horizon, like the clown in the trailer above from the “Killer Clown Nightmare” level. What’s cool is that there are multiple playable figurines unique to each environment, and they’re all on theme with each particular level. Below you can see the figurines for Killer Clown Nightmare, followed by the figurines for the Kraken Rises from the Depths level (the vomiting pirate is incredible), and finally below that is the figurines featured in the Rage of Yeti level.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would totally buy all of those figurines if they were available in real life. If you’ve been liking the look of Rest in Pieces since it was first revealed then you’ll be happy to know that following its brief beta testing phase Itatake has announced a release date of March 7th for the game. It’s actually available for pre-order on the App Store right now if you’re into that sort of thing, though it’s not available in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Japan, or Korea. Whether pre-ordering or not, get ready to swing through your worst nightmares when Rest in Pieces arrives next week, and hit up the thread in our forums for some more discussion about the game ahead of its launch.

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Joycity’s ‘The War of Genesis’ Gets New Ruins Conquest Content

Just about a month ago now we first posted about Joycity’s latest MMORPG, The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria (Free) and after doing some research on the game we were super surprised how much history there was behind the series. It started back in the 90’s and many referred to it as “the Korean Final Fantasy.” (Here’s what the early games looked like.) None of these games ever made it to the West with English, so the mobile The War of Genesis is the first taste western gamers are getting of the series. So, 25 years later we have a MMORPG re-imagining of these original games we never got to play, which is a pretty neat thing.

Anyway, one thing Joycity is really good at is constantly updating their games with loads of new content, and that’s exactly what they’re up to with The War of Genesis. Ruins Conquest is now available in the game for guilds to try their hand at, as it uses the existing Runs Dungeons in the game now but players can now conquer and occupy these dungeons before other guilds. These Ruins Conquests will open up in the four different regions in different stages, giving guilds a specific set of targets to fight for.

Of course a big part of The War of Genesis is accumulating more resources than other guilds, and conquering these dungeons is the latest and greatest ways to soak up loads of rewards, which get divvied out based on your guild contribution percentage. But, if you can’t play that much and your contribution percentage is on the lower side, you still should participate because a few bonus items are distributed randomly and everyone gets a crack at them. Oh, and along with all this new content is a bunch of new story elements for players to explore.

If you’re pushing up against the end-game of The War of Genesis with a bunch of upgraded heroes, with this update you’ll be able to promote level 50, 5 star heroes to 6 star using consumable The Secret of Hero items which players get via a randomized re-summon system which is also new. Of course, 6 star heroes are even better than 5 star, and as you level up the control room on your airship you’ll be able to have more 6 star heroes in your roster, which is a really good thing.

Aside from an airship skin event that’s running (where you’ll be able to get a Wings of Drake skin) two new special heroes are available: Cyrano Bernstein (a 5 star character) and Vishni (4 stars).

from TouchArcade https://toucharcade.com/2019/02/26/joycitys-the-war-of-genesis-gets-new-ruins-conquest-content/…

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‘Radiant One’ Full New Episode “The Secret” Now Available

Last month we learned that Radiant One (Free), the trippy adventure game from developer Fntastic that released in August of last year, would be receiving new episodes every month, and a playable teaser for the newest episode titled The Secret went live inside the game. This week that episode has finally launched in full and is now available inside the Radiant One app. The Secret has you playing as a woman named Rachel who wakes up in a creepy old mansion and finds herself being followed around by a dark cloud of anxiety. Like, literally a dark cloud follows her and grows as her anxiety grows. And I don’t know if you’ve ever found yourself waking up trapped inside a creepy mansion, but that’s what I would consider a “high anxiety” situation. Your job will be to help Rachel escape the mansion by exploring and solving puzzles, and along the way “learn a great secret that will change her life forever.”

As we detailed in our previous story, new episodes are planned to release each month in Radiant One, and while originally you’d need to subscribe to a $2.99 a month subscription plan to access them, Fntastic has actually added some additional payment options into the game. Those who owned Radiant One before its switch to free to play will have access to the original episode The Awakening just as they always have, and as a bonus you’ll receive The Secret for free too. If you’re new to Radiant One, both episodes have playable teasers and you can buy the full episodes outright for $5.99 each, and there’s also a limited time special bundle offer that will get you both episodes for just $4.99. And of course you can still subscribe for $2.99 a month if you want. Whatever route you take Radiant One is well worth your attention and we enjoyed the original episode a lot in our review from last year. I’m excited to dig into The Secret and will be looking forward to next month’s episode as well.

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‘Stardew Valley’ for Android Finally Has a Confirmed Release Date

Last year, The Secret Police and Chucklefish brought the fantastic Stardew Valley ($7.99) to iOS. The port was awesome at launch and has constantly been improved. Read our review of the iOS version. We even featured it as our Game of the Week. After launch, they even added more control options.

They recently announced pre-registrations for the Android release that was “coming soon” and today, we learn the release date. Stardew Valley for Android releases on March 14th worldwide. It will also be localised in Korean, Italian, French and Turkish in addition to earlier localisations. These will be patched into other versions (including consoles) later on. Save transfer from PC will be supported and if you aren’t sure how to do it, read this.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for Stardew Valley on Android, you can pre-register for the game on Google Play. The Android port will cost $7.99 just like the iOS version. Here’s our forum thread on the game for more discussion. Have you been waiting for this port?

from TouchArcade https://toucharcade.com/2019/02/26/stardew-valley-android-release-date-confirmed-price/…

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SwitchArcade Round-Up: ‘Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition’ Review, ‘Resident Evil’ Games Coming to Switch, ‘Trials Rising’ and ‘Warhammer Quest’ Out Now, Today’s New Sales, and More

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for February 26th, 2019. Today we’ve got news of some nice titles set to bloom in May, a review of a new release, summaries of all of the other new releases, and details of the latest sales. It’s a busy Tuesday and we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get to the action!


Capcom Unleashes Some Classic ‘Resident Evil’ on the Switch on May 21st

We’ve known for a little while about Capcom’s plans to release some of its older Resident Evil games on the Switch, but no one was quite sure of the exact release dates until now. And it turns out that all three of the planned games will be coming on the very same day. Resident Evil 1 Remake, Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 4 will all be available digitally on May 21st. Resident Evil 1 Remake and Resident Evil 0 will also be available at retail in the Resident Evil Origins pack, but as usual, only one game will be on the cartridge, with the other provided via a download code. Unfortunately, Japan won’t be coming to the rescue this time as there are no physical versions of Resident Evil 4 or Resident Evil 1 Remake planned for the region.

‘Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package’ Arrives May 10th

The Resident Evil games aren’t the only adult-oriented re-releases hitting the Switch in May. Publisher Deep Silver announced that Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package would be coming to the Switch, but you know, announced Saints Row games and Nintendo platforms have a bit of a history. But on May 10th, dreams will become reality. A Saints Row game will actually come to a Nintendo platform as planned, and it’s a pretty good one, too. Open world mayhem with more inside jokes and pop culture references than you can shake a … well, that’s not a stick but I won’t say what it is, at await all those who visit the Saints gang a couple of months from now.


Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition ($29.99)

This could be a ‘me’ problem, but I’m not entirely sure what Rad Rodgers really wants to be. On the surface, it says it’s a throwback to the good ol’ days of DOS platformers like Commander Keen, the pre-3D Duke Nukem games, and Jazz Jackrabbit. And yes, I can sort of see that. There’s a certain level design sensibility to those games that is at least vaguely recognizable here. It also kind of seems to want to parody those games, though, with its fourth-wall breaking sense of humor and how heavily it leans into 80s/early 90s slang. Then again, it seems to have the over-the-top crassness of Duke Nukem 3D on its mind, too. And yet instead of going with a pixel-art style, it’s kind of just mid-range modern polygonal graphics.

I could pull out more details, but my point is that this game is just all over the place. It is absolutely to its detriment. Even in terms of its mechanics, Rad Rodgers throws in a lot of weird curve balls while failing to properly land its core action-platforming …

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Celebrate Pokemon’s 23rd Anniversary with a ‘Pokemon Go’ Event and a Pokemon Direct Switch Announcement Tomorrow on Pokemon Day

Tomorrow marks twenty-third anniversary of the Pokemon series, and you can be sure that Nintendo have a lot planned as part of their annual ‘Pokemon Day’ celebrations for one of their most beloved franchises. Literally as I was writing this news post, the official Twitter account actually announced that a new Pokemon Direct is set to take place at 6am PST on February 27th’s Pokemon Day, which will likely be the first we’ll hear about the new Nintendo Switch entry. As long as it’s not Ultra Pokemon Let’s Go II Turbo Edition, I’ll be satisfied with whatever they show during the Direct. However, there is even more for committed mobile gamers to celebrate within Pokemon GO (Free), as Niantic is launching a limited-time Pokemon Day event that is all about reliving those formative early steps of walking through the tall grass of Kanto’s Route 1.

For only 48 hours, unique Eevee and Pikachu wearing flower crowns will be obtainable, and all of their respective evolutions will also be able to obtain this neat decoration. This does mean that you’ll need to catch nine Eevees total to ensure you’ll be able to eventually evolve the entire collection – and that’s assuming that these creatures cannot also receive Shiny Pokemon alternate color variants. Speaking of shinies, the Rattata and Pidgey lines will now also finally be able to be captured in the wild. Shiny Pidgeot is pretty cool with its gold hue, but these are probably going to remain exclusively trophies for the most hardcore collectors.

Aside from these new limited versions, the Pokemon that you would normally find at the very first routes in Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, FireRed, LeafGreen, Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee (people really like Generation 1, it seems!) will also be especially common in Pokemon GO during the Pokemon Day event. There isn’t a definite list just yet, but I’d hazard a guess that Rattata, Pidgey, Spearow, both Nidoran types, Mankey, and the early-stage Bug types are all likely to become far more frequent. There are also Kanto-themed raids, and an event-exclusive Adventure Box containing a number of incubators, Star Pieces and Incense for you to purchase with your well-earned coins. The most dedicated trainers will have a lot of walking ahead of them within the next couple of days, for sure.

Yet again, it’s another busy week for Pokemon – and I haven’t even had space to mention about Smeargle now becoming available through Pokemon GO’s cool new AR camera feature. It’s extremely cool to see a series that I have quite literally grown up alongside be as relevant today as it was back in 1996, and it’s clear that Nintendo view Pokemon as an integral part of its future plans through 2019 and beyond.

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