Blizzard Announces the ‘Hearthstone’ Year of the Dragon, Pre-Release Events, Solo updates, and More

When Blizzard introduced the concept of “Years” to Hearthstone (Free), things changed quite a bit. I’ve been playing it right from the start on iPad and the rotation cycle system has been the best thing they have done to keep things fresh for me. As with past years, Blizzard announce a new year in February and 2019 will be the Year of the Dragon for Hearthstone. Watch the chat for Year of the Dragon below:

The Year of the Raven ends and the Year of the Dragon will begin. This time, there will be a single story told over three expansions. The first expansions begins the Year of the Dragon. As always, the expansion will have new cards changing up the meta. Solo adventures get an enhancement this year beginning with the expansion that arrives in April with the solo adventure aiming to be bigger than before when it arrives in May. The expansion can be purchased per chapter for 700 gold or for $19.99 for the whole thing. Each extra chapter will include two new playable characters with three hero powers and four starter decks unlocked with progress. More information on this will be revealed soon.

Year of the Dragon will also see the Year of the Mammoth go wild. This means the Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, and Kobolds & Catacombs cards will be wild when the Year of the Dragon begins. Pre-release events in 2019 will let you open expansion packs early and get used to the cards in Fireside Brawls. Each new year also has new Hall of Fame inductees. This year Divine Favor, Doomguard, Naturalize, Baku the Mooneater, Genn Greymane, Black Cat, Gloom Stag, Glitter Moth, and Murkspark Eel will be joining the Hall of Fame.

Blizzard is also finally going to add a card back randomizer. There will also be other quality of life updates like better auto complete for decks and arena wins to count towards Golden Hero progress. I’m excited to see what is to come with the new story that spans multiple expansions this year. Do you still regularly play Hearthstone?

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‘Fortnite’ Season 8 Is Here Adding the Volcano, Lava, Party Assist, New LTMs, New Weapons, an All New Battle Pass for Season 8, and More

Fortnite (Free) finally got controller support on iOS and Android with Patch 7.30 and even allowed for 60fps gameplay on a few Android devices. Patch 7.40 brought back gifting and let you earn the Season 8 Battle Pass for free. Today, Season 8 arrives nearly 3 months after Season 7 arrived and it brings a lot. Watch the Season 8 cinematic trailer below:

Season 8 sees a huge volcano appear. Pirates, Ninjas, new fighters, and more are here with new legendary loot and weapons. Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps are new locations you can reach with the volcanic vents on the map. Party Assist is new with this patch and it lets you ipck a daily or weekly challenge to get help from friends for completion. When it comes to Weapons, the Pirate Cannon lets you launch yourself or a cannonball to destroy enemy locations or structures.

Lava is new to the map and it damages you with 1 damage per touch. Volcanic Vents boost players and vehicles into the sky. This Season begins with the 50V50 and Close Encounters LTMs. The new Battle Pass has over 100 new exclusive rewards and the Pass still costs 950 V-bucks. Purchasing it nets you the Blackheart and Hybrid progressive outfits instantly. Watch the Season 8 Battle Pass trailer below:

If you do play Fortnite, we have a dedicated channel in our Discord. Make sure to join our Discord channel here to squad up and get some Victory Royales. If you play only on Nintendo Switch, you can now play with PS4 gamers as well thanks to Sony finally allowing true cross play. If you’re curious about which Android devices can run Fortnite at 60fps, read this. The big update will be a larger than usual download and it has started rolling out across all platforms. What do you think of Season 8’s changes?

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Happy Home Academy Arrives With ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ Update

It’s the first major update since Pete’s Item Delivery and Blathers’ Maps, and that means the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Free) is expanding just a little bit more. The update was applied during a few hours of downtime yesterday; players will need to update the game via the App Store or Google Play, and will then need to update again via the game. This update brings Happy Home Academy to the mobile world of Animal Crossing, a feature long-requested by fans of the series. There are also a handful of other things that have changed.

Happy Home Academy joins Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp via the Happy Homeroom, accessible for players Level 6 and above via the game’s map. You essentially decorate rooms according to design briefs, coming from your campers. Lottie calls each of these briefs a “class.” In the room, there will be several spots lacking a specific type of furniture. Pick the best of that category to make the camper a, well, a happy camper! The game automatically puts their favorite item at the beginning of the list, so it’s a relatively quick and painless process.

Don’t expect to waltz in and complete everything at once, though, unless you’re willing to spend an arm and a leg’s worth of Leaf Tickets (the game’s premium currency). Each player gets three HH Vouchers per day, and each class costs one voucher (at least, it has as far as I’ve gotten in less than one day). Based on the judges’ score, you’ll receive an amount of HH Material, a blandly-named crafting material represented by a fancy red and gold sack.

Interestingly enough, this is the update where Golden furniture finally makes its appearance in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Three items can be crafted using an obscene amount of materials, as you can see here:

  • Golden Closet: 990,000 Bells, 300 Cotton, 100 Elegant Essence, 20 Sparkle Stones, 15 HH Material
  • Golden Table: 990,000 Bells, 300 Preserves, 100 Elegant Essence, 20 Sparkle Stones, 15 HH Material
  • Golden Chair: 990,000 Bells, 300 Wood, 100 Elegant Essence, 20 Sparkle Stones, 15 HH Material

While the addition of Happy Homeroom is the most obvious new feature, there are some others worth mentioning. My favorite is the new ability to collect all of your goal rewards at once, instead of one at a time. You can also now scroll through the goal screens to see what lays ahead, or what you’ve already completed. And accessing the Fortune Cookie Shop is easier than ever thanks to an icon on the map. There were also a few item name changes and some bugs squashed by this latest version, as well as updates to the title screen and app icon. To thank players for their patience, there’s a gift of 20 LT waiting in your mailbox!

With the update out of the way, it will soon be time to focus on next month’s events – except a colorful theme to represent the changing seasons! For now, you can spring into spring a bit early with some premium-currency clothing items available, as well as some stunning new Fairy Forest terrain options (also costing LT).

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Amazon Has a 400GB MicroSD Card for $62 Today

It’s really sort of incredible just how cheap storage media has gotten over the years. I remember when USB was brand new I has a 32 megabyte flash drive I paid well over $100 for. Maybe more even. Well, today’s Amazon deal of the day is a SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC UHS-I card for $62. As of this writing, there’s a little more than 14 hours left. This is a stupidly good deal, particularly considering that aside from Apple devices, basically everything that uses any kind of storage media takes microSD cards. Drones, GoPro cameras, the Nintendo Switch, all kinds of Android devices, etc.

Previously, the “sweet spot” was the 256GB card as the price jump between 256GB and 400GB was significant, but today’s deal that brings these cards down to $60 is real hard to pass up. Last time one of these deals rolled around (which I think I put it at around $80?) I grabbed one for my Switch and it is ridiculously liberating to just never really need to worry about space again, particularly as Nintendo keeps releasing these huge download-only games. This isn’t a junky card either, it’s a name brand, fast card. Usually when these ultra-cheap cards roll around they’re weird, slow, no-name cards we don’t even bother posting about.

And hey, buying through our links helps TouchArcade in a small way, so get loads of storage and throw us a bone at the same time!

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‘Radiant One’ Full New Episode “The Secret” Now Available

Last month we learned that Radiant One (Free), the trippy adventure game from developer Fntastic that released in August of last year, would be receiving new episodes every month, and a playable teaser for the newest episode titled The Secret went live inside the game. This week that episode has finally launched in full and is now available inside the Radiant One app. The Secret has you playing as a woman named Rachel who wakes up in a creepy old mansion and finds herself being followed around by a dark cloud of anxiety. Like, literally a dark cloud follows her and grows as her anxiety grows. And I don’t know if you’ve ever found yourself waking up trapped inside a creepy mansion, but that’s what I would consider a “high anxiety” situation. Your job will be to help Rachel escape the mansion by exploring and solving puzzles, and along the way “learn a great secret that will change her life forever.”

As we detailed in our previous story, new episodes are planned to release each month in Radiant One, and while originally you’d need to subscribe to a $2.99 a month subscription plan to access them, Fntastic has actually added some additional payment options into the game. Those who owned Radiant One before its switch to free to play will have access to the original episode The Awakening just as they always have, and as a bonus you’ll receive The Secret for free too. If you’re new to Radiant One, both episodes have playable teasers and you can buy the full episodes outright for $5.99 each, and there’s also a limited time special bundle offer that will get you both episodes for just $4.99. And of course you can still subscribe for $2.99 a month if you want. Whatever route you take Radiant One is well worth your attention and we enjoyed the original episode a lot in our review from last year. I’m excited to dig into The Secret and will be looking forward to next month’s episode as well.

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‘Stardew Valley’ for Android Finally Has a Confirmed Release Date

Last year, The Secret Police and Chucklefish brought the fantastic Stardew Valley ($7.99) to iOS. The port was awesome at launch and has constantly been improved. Read our review of the iOS version. We even featured it as our Game of the Week. After launch, they even added more control options.

They recently announced pre-registrations for the Android release that was “coming soon” and today, we learn the release date. Stardew Valley for Android releases on March 14th worldwide. It will also be localised in Korean, Italian, French and Turkish in addition to earlier localisations. These will be patched into other versions (including consoles) later on. Save transfer from PC will be supported and if you aren’t sure how to do it, read this.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for Stardew Valley on Android, you can pre-register for the game on Google Play. The Android port will cost $7.99 just like the iOS version. Here’s our forum thread on the game for more discussion. Have you been waiting for this port?

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SwitchArcade Round-Up: ‘Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition’ Review, ‘Resident Evil’ Games Coming to Switch, ‘Trials Rising’ and ‘Warhammer Quest’ Out Now, Today’s New Sales, and More

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for February 26th, 2019. Today we’ve got news of some nice titles set to bloom in May, a review of a new release, summaries of all of the other new releases, and details of the latest sales. It’s a busy Tuesday and we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get to the action!


Capcom Unleashes Some Classic ‘Resident Evil’ on the Switch on May 21st

We’ve known for a little while about Capcom’s plans to release some of its older Resident Evil games on the Switch, but no one was quite sure of the exact release dates until now. And it turns out that all three of the planned games will be coming on the very same day. Resident Evil 1 Remake, Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 4 will all be available digitally on May 21st. Resident Evil 1 Remake and Resident Evil 0 will also be available at retail in the Resident Evil Origins pack, but as usual, only one game will be on the cartridge, with the other provided via a download code. Unfortunately, Japan won’t be coming to the rescue this time as there are no physical versions of Resident Evil 4 or Resident Evil 1 Remake planned for the region.

‘Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package’ Arrives May 10th

The Resident Evil games aren’t the only adult-oriented re-releases hitting the Switch in May. Publisher Deep Silver announced that Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package would be coming to the Switch, but you know, announced Saints Row games and Nintendo platforms have a bit of a history. But on May 10th, dreams will become reality. A Saints Row game will actually come to a Nintendo platform as planned, and it’s a pretty good one, too. Open world mayhem with more inside jokes and pop culture references than you can shake a … well, that’s not a stick but I won’t say what it is, at await all those who visit the Saints gang a couple of months from now.


Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition ($29.99)

This could be a ‘me’ problem, but I’m not entirely sure what Rad Rodgers really wants to be. On the surface, it says it’s a throwback to the good ol’ days of DOS platformers like Commander Keen, the pre-3D Duke Nukem games, and Jazz Jackrabbit. And yes, I can sort of see that. There’s a certain level design sensibility to those games that is at least vaguely recognizable here. It also kind of seems to want to parody those games, though, with its fourth-wall breaking sense of humor and how heavily it leans into 80s/early 90s slang. Then again, it seems to have the over-the-top crassness of Duke Nukem 3D on its mind, too. And yet instead of going with a pixel-art style, it’s kind of just mid-range modern polygonal graphics.

I could pull out more details, but my point is that this game is just all over the place. It is absolutely to its detriment. Even in terms of its mechanics, Rad Rodgers throws in a lot of weird curve balls while failing to properly land its core action-platforming …

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Nintendo DS RPG ‘Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer’ Is Coming to iOS and Android in Japan Soon

Over the last few years, loads of Nintendo DS and 3DS game franchises have seen mobile ports. My favourite ones of the lot are definitely the Ace Attorney and Dragon Quest ports but we’ve had some interesting things happen in the last twelve months with Professor Layton as well. The Shiren the Wanderer franchise has had an interesting history in Japan and the West. The first game released on the Super Famicom (SNES) in Japan in the mid 90s and saw a port to the Nintendo DS in 2006. This finally had an English release in 2008 thanks to SEGA on the Nintendo DS. That game is seeing a mobile release in Japan soon.

Spike Chunsoft is bringing Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer to iOS and Android for 1800 Yen soon. This port is based on the DS release which had added content and enhancements. If you’ve never played a Mystery Dungeon game before, these games usually have a procedurally generated dungeon with turn based movement and combat. Each action you take will have a reaction. Even moving in the correct or wrong place can turn the tide of a situation later on. If you die, you lose everything usually. Information about this mobile port barring the few screenshots and pricing is sparse but hopefully this one sees a release outside Japan since a localisation exists already for the DS release.

For a lot of people, the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games were the first taste of the Mystery Dungeon franchise. I quite like these games even though my favourite, Etrian Mystery Dungeon is super hard. The most recent one I played is actually from the Shiren the Wanderer subseries which ended up on the Vita a few years ago. Check out the official website of the Nintendo DS game in Japanese here. Have you played a Mystery Dungeon game before and are you looking forward to checking this out on iOS or Android?

[Source: Gematsu]

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Brilliant Puzzler ‘Snakebird Primer’ Now Available on iOS

Snakebird (Free) from Noumenon Games became a critical hit when it originally launched on Steam back in 2015, and then the following year they brought that hit to mobile with an experience that almost felt like it was meant for the touchscreen in the first place. Snakebird has you controlling one or more of the eponymous snakebird abominations of nature and moving them segment by segment through a variety of levels. Your goal is to collect all the fruit pieces and then make it to the swirling rainbow goal, but the catch is that every piece of fruit that you eat makes your snakebird grow one segment longer, just like the classic Snake that was built into our Nokia phones twenty years ago. It’s an absolutely brilliant puzzler, one that we loved in our review of the iOS version back in 2016, but one big criticism of the game was that it got awfully difficult in the later parts of the game. Some folks love that sort of bash-your-head-into-a-wall-difficulty, but some folks find it a turn off. For those in the latter group, Noumenon Games has created Snakebird Primer ($7.99), which utilizes the mechanics of the original game but presents them in a whole new set of levels that were designed to be easier than those of the first Snakebird.

When Snakebird Primer was originally announced earlier this month, it was pegged for a February 18th release. However, Noumenon clarified on their Twitter account that that release date was only confirmed for the Steam version of the game, and that Snakebird Primer was still working its way through the approval processes of the other various digital storefronts out there and would likely hit a bit later than that. In a weird quirk, the Apple TV version of Snakebird Primer did launch right around the 18th, but the game was actually meant to be fully Universal on iOS. Well finally today that existing Apple TV app has been updated with Universal iPhone and iPad support, which means you can buy it once and play it on all three of those devices.

As the name indicates, Snakebird Primer is designed to prepare people with the skills necessary to complete those really difficult challenges in the original game. Not that it’s not a fantastic game all on its own, because it absolutely is with more than 70 brand new levels, and anything that can introduce a wider audience of people to the fantastic world of Snakebird is an easy recommendation for me. But, should you finish Primer and crave more, the original Snakebird is there for you. I just am holding out hope Noumenon will update it with full screen support for the latest iOS devices, which it currently lacks. Until that time though I’ll happily be working my way through Snakebird Primer, and you should be too, and in the meantime you can find more discussion and impressions about the game in our forums.

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Rockstar Updates ‘Bully: Anniversary Edition’ with Support for Newest iOS Devices

Here’s some exciting news: Late last week Rockstar Games updated Bully: Anniversary Edition ($6.99) with full screen support for all the latest iOS devices. Why is that exciting? Well you may recall that we’ve been patiently waiting for Rockstar to update their iOS games with modern device support, and they actually kicked that initiative off back in May of last year with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ($6.99). I kind of figured that would set off a chain reaction of all their games getting similar updates around the same time. I was wrong. Their next game to receive a full screen update was Max Payne Mobile ($2.99), but it didn’t come until more than five months later in mid-October. The next one to follow that was Grant Theft Auto: Vice City ($4.99), which was updated just a couple of weeks ago. So that’s what’s exciting to me, is that the Bully update comes rather quickly on the heels of the Vice City update. Maybe that means we won’t be forced to wait such long stretches between updates for the remaining Rockstar iOS library?

Whatever the case, I’m extremely happy that Bully has finally received a full screen update. It was one of the Rockstar titles I’d been hoping for the most, and is truly one of the most unique games of the PS2-era open-world sandbox games. Don’t get me wrong, crime and shenanigans in Grand Theft Auto is a blast as well, but in Bully you’re actually playing as a student going to school and the simulation is quite faithful. You still have a ton of open world to explore and lots of different activities to partake in, but everything is framed around you being a teenager in school and having to actually do things like attend classes on time and not be out on the streets after curfew. It’s surprisingly fun, and you can read all about our thoughts on Bully: Anniversary Edition in our original review and our Game of the Week write up from when the game came out on iOS back in late 2016. As for which Rockstar game I have my fingers crossed to receive an update next? Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars ($4.99). Bring it on.

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