DiRT Rally 2.0 arrives at full speed!

With twenty years and thirteen games on the clock, the series Colin McRae Rally is undoubtedly one of the most famous licenses in rally racing. The name DiRT, appeared for the first time in 2007 with Colin McRae: DiRT, and the series was completely renamed in 2011 with DiRT 3. The series owes its success to its very realistic approach to driving, and it’s for a good reason, its name is borrowed from multiple rally world champion Colin McRae, who worked closely with Codemasters on the first installment.

The series has since made its way and continues to seduce the players. Announced last September, the highly anticipated DiRT Rally 2.0 will be released on February 26, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

So, what’s going on a few days before the official release? Here is a little overview of what awaits you.

In terms of landscapes, DiRT Rally 2.0 will make you travel. Indeed, always with the aim of offering realism to the players, Codemasters has integrated into this new entry six real rally races in Argentina, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Australia, and in the United States. So there is a variety of different environments available to you. In addition, the game also includes the FIA ​​World Rallycross Championship, which will take you to Barcelona, ​​Montalegre, Mettet, Loheac, Trois-Rivieres, Hell, Höljes and Silverstone.

The career mode “My team” will always be on the program, allowing you to participate in different events, accompanied by your staff. And in DiRT Rally 2.0, it will be important, because your co-driver and the mechanics in your garage will have an impact on your results in the race, so you will have to adapt your strategy according to their skills.

DiRT Rally 2.0 – Weather Effects

The weather will be taken seriously in DiRT Rally 2.0. The system has been improved and it will have a direct impact on your driving. In case of bad weather, your visibility may, for example, be reduced, or your car could lose grip on the road. Speaking of the road, one of the big news of DiRT Rally 2.0 is the degradation of the track. The more vehicles crossings it, the more the terrain will be damaged, forcing you to adapt your driving. The damage done to your vehicles will also have an impact on your performance, because it is not limited to aesthetics, but will also affect the mechanics of your vehicles. Hence the importance of choosing your team.

On the side of improvements, you can now choose the tires of your cars. Softer tires offer better grip, but wear faster, while harder tires are more durable, but slow you down. The developers have also announced that a complete tutorial will be available for vehicle customization, to make it more accessible and understandable for all players.

DiRT Rally 2.0 – Volkswagen Polo

DiRt Rally 2.0 includes more than 50 vehicles of all times, like the VW Polo, the R5 GTI, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and the Citroën C3 R5. Finally, if you are looking for more thrill and have the spirit of competition, you will be able to face players from around the world, during daily, weekly or monthly challenges.

DiRT Rally 2.0

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Lego Movie 2 Video Game – Preview

Warner Bros doesn’t really disappoint when it comes to video games tied to a movie release. With the recent release of The Lego Movie 2 in cinemas, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is also prepping up for the release of the video game version very soon. The game is just as awesome and epic as hoped according to the lucky ones who have had the chance to get a go with it days before the official release. Which is a good thing in all aspects!

Nothing much is changed in the Lego games in recent years. The basic is pretty much the same – the running around, collecting of bricks and studs, and the building and smashing of objects. We have seen all these since the first licensed LEGO games. However, this time some exciting changes have been added giving the game few new tricks and twists.

Lego the Movie 2 videogame

What’s New in Lego Movie 2 Video Game?

The narrative is still the same as the recently released movie but now cut scenes are rendered in-game instead of using the cinematics of the film. It’s both funny and utterly charming. Aside from that, the visuals have also improved since the characters in this version now look like real LEGOs. There’s no more of that shiny surfaces.

If you remember the previous version, players would break objects and reassemble it into whatever object needed to pass the obstacles. But now, as players start their journey in Apocalypseburg, (then Bricksburg) they will go collecting various colored LEGO bricks to be used in building objects. They are given blueprints to be used as a guide. This change allows payers to explore the environment more as they try to look for colored bricks needed in their building.

The combat in Lego Movie 2 video game also has some minor changes. Players now have their special Build attack that can help in leveling the playing field. The playable characters can now also make objects that can help them complete their tasks.

All in all, there will be quite some crazy and surprising changes in the Lego Movie 2 video game to make you excited. It’s fresher and it’s going to be released this February 26! Check out our comparator to see the perfect deal for Lego Movie 2 video game online.


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A new Black Ops 4 season full of surprises starts today

A new season for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 starts today and Treyarch has a load of new features and surprises ready for us. The content will be appearing progressively along the following weeks and we will be getting something new every day.

Operation Grand Heist arrives today (first on PlayStation 4 and a bit later on PC and Xbox One, as usual) and it comes full of content for all modes. This is the unlocking schedule for the week:

– Tuesday, Feb. 19: Multiplayer gets a new specialist, the Outrider, equipped with a pilotable scouting drone and a deadly bow with explosive arrows. It also gets the One in the Chamber mode (three lives, one bullet, you better aim to kill) along with some balance updates for weapons. Blackout is getting a new Ghost Town destination with two locations, new buildings, and a refurbished Prestige system for those that have reached Echelon level 80. If you are more into Zombies, you will enjoy the new “Death-Con Five” Gauntlet, and the Ethereal Razor perk, as well as getting an additional tier Skip for completing your dailies. Also, Black Market is getting a load of new items, including characters, weapons, outfits and more

– Wednesday, February 20: We will see the comeback of a familiar face on the new Operation. No clue about who it is yet.

– Thursday, February 21: League Play kicks off in multiplayer and Zombies will support the new weapons from the Black Market.

– Friday, February 22: Blackout gets three fancy new vehicles: SV, PBR, and Muscle Car on the Hot Pursuit mode

Black Ops Pass holders will get some extra rewards too, like two new multiplayer maps, Casino and Lockout, or the Cosmic Silverback character for Blackout.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Outrider

All of this content is coming just during the first week of the season, but Treyarch has quite a bit more novelties in storage for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. As the season progresses we will see many new additions, like a brand new Hardcore Mode for Blackout or the “Hellcatraz” Gauntlet for Zombies.

If you want to know more about this new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season you can check the official blog here, and you can check our comparator too to find the best prices for the game.

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Try Trials Rising for free next weekend

Ubisoft has confirmed that they will be running an Open Beta event for Trials Rising next weekend. The new installment of the Trials series will be available for everyone to try completely free from February 21 to 24 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Just pre-download it as early as February 19 on the platform you prefer to be ready to start playing as soon as the beta starts on Thursday.

During the event, you will be able to experience all the fun of riding a motocross motorcycle through a variety of crazy tracks. Eighteen different tracks of several difficulties will be available for you on single player mode, allowing you to perfect your skills and try to beat your own times. There will also be different Contracts available for you which grant you rewards for the successful completion of several objectives. Once you are confident enough with your handling, you should also jump to online multiplayer races and compete against other players from all over the world on eight different tracks. As a bonus, if you manage to unlock the Helium Bike with the exclusive Turbo Bike Exhaust, it will carry over to your Trials Rising game if you purchase it once it launches.

If you have never played any of the games in the Trials series before, you should know that Trials Rising is a 2.5D racing game where you control a rider on a physics-based motocross motorcycle through an obstacle-filled racing track. The full game features everything that you will experience during the Open Beta, including the brand new co-op multiplayer Tandem Bike mode, where two people can ride a bike together; definitely a very challenging mode that will deliver lots of fun. Ubisoft has also detailed what are their plans for the game after launch in the video below:

Trials Rising will launch on February 26, and you can check our comparator for the best price online anytime.

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The dates of The Division 2 open beta are known.

If you have not had the chance to participate in the closed beta that took place from February 7 to 11, and you’re eager to discover the next installment in the Tom Clancy’s series, then here’s a news that you should be more than happy to hear.

Ubisoft has announced on its dedicated forum that The Division 2 will soon be entitled to a beta phase open to all players. Even if until this moment no detail has been communicated regarding its content, we already know that it will be held from March 1 to 4 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, just days ahead of the release planned for March 15. Ubisoft invites us on its site to stay tuned for more details on this beta of The Division 2.

The Division 2 Open Beta Announcement

The mystery remains intact for the moment. However, a message left by rwan007, a moderator of the forum, suggests that the content will be different from the one in the closed beta:


From March 1st to 4th, there will be an open beta.

The content and possible rewards are still to be defined.
But according to the developers say it will not be the same beta as the “private”.

As a reminder, players who took part in the closed beta could play through two main missions and five side missions. They discovered the open world of The Division 2 also participating in an end-game mission for three characters of level 30, and finally accessing the Darkzone East, one of the largest three areas in the game.

More news should arrive in the coming days, and we will be sure to keep you informed. Anyway, this new phase of beta looks pretty good, especially after the developers announced that the closed beta met a great success with the players.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be released on March 15. Visit our comparator to find the best price for it.

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Anthem microtransactions: What and how much

While some games abuse the microtransactions as a funding tool, it seems that Anthem will not be the case. Executive producer Mark Darrah briefly touched the matter and it will be expanded in a date closer to the official launch of Anthem.

To sum it up, there will be no loot boxes and there will be no “pay to win”. They will be restricted to cosmetic and vanity items, so they will have no impact on the gameplay and the players will be made well aware that they are buying an item before spending any money.

When you access the store in the game by pressing escape while in Fort Tarsis and navigating to the “featured” tab, you will open a screen where you can buy in-game items with a currency called Coin or with a premium currency called Shards. You will earn Coin by completing in-game challenges, and Shards will be purchased with real money via the Origin store.
While at launch most items require Coins, they will have a Shard cost, just in case you would rather unlock them with real money. There will be a weekly rotation for the store’s stock and there will only be a few items to purchase when the game launches.

Currently, there are for sale Armor Packs costing 61.000 Coin / 850 Shards per set, two materials to change the texture and a pattern of the surfaces on your Javelin at 12.000 Coin / 300 Shards each, and an emote called Gum on Shoe that costs 18.000 Coin / 400 Shards.

Anthem – All Javelins

Here is a list of the current prices for Shards at launch:

500 Shards: $4.99/£3.99
1050 Shards: $9.99/£7.99
2000 Shards: $19.99/£15.99
4600 Shards: $39.99/£31.99

Anthem will launch on February 22, 2019, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can get the best price for it through our price comparison tool.

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Monster Energy Supercross 2 Review – Punk Weight

Story 305838581

Motorcross is an alien sport to a Brit like me.


Aside from the fact that dirt-bikes are received in England about as well as a referendum about leaving the EU, the sports relating to dirt-bikes are met with some confusion as something like NASCAR. I mean, yeah, we get that they’re popular… but why? Then again, we can’t talk ill about it when we have “sports” like Darts and Snooker, but nevertheless, maybe Monster Energy Supercross 2 can answer my questions.


This is the latest title from Italian developers Milestone S.r.l, a studio known for creating pretty much every single dirt-bike racing game, along with every other title relating to bikes and rally cars. They have a few WRC games under their belt, but their most popular games are anything to do with motorbikes or their dirt counterparts. The Ride series, the MXGP series, and a few manufacturer/figure games like Valentino Rossi: The Game, and Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo. All of these are met with the mild positive acclaim you’d expect, but is Monster Energy Supercross 2 any different?


A screenshot of Monster Energy Supercross 2's track editor, showcasing several tight turns and hairpins.


The plot? You’re Bucky McGee, the fastest man in Texas, and your dad, Chuck Norris, gives you a Honda CRF250 for your 3rd birthday. Given that you come from a pure-blooded American family, you ride the bike flawlessly despite your infantile presence, but tragedy soon strikes as Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister, kills Norris. Not to be deterred, you find out that Brown is currently hosting the Monster Energy Supercross Championship, and you must rise up the ranks to face your foe.


Okay, obviously I’m joking about the plot, but truth be told I only have a thread-bare understanding about the world of Motocross, but I do have sources. I sat down with a friend of mine who eats, breathes and sleeps with the sport of Motocross. After her input and discussion about it, I have come to the conclusion that Monster Energy Supercross 2 isn’t just a good Motocross game, but might be the game to get you into the sport with ease.


Even though I was joking around about the story, there does seem to be more of a story angle than previously let on. The Career Mode will be the game mode most people will begin with, and it starts off with your creating your character and working your way up the measly three leagues of Motocross: 250cc bikes with tracks in the East of America, 250cc bikes with tracks in the West of America, and finally, 450cc bikes with tracks all across America.


The helmet cam of Monster Energy Supercross 2 shown here, with the driver ready to fly over the ramp.


Before you can ride anything properly, you’re given the chance to create your own character, and if anywhere fails it’s here, as the selection of pasty white boys you’re given are pitiful. It’s bad enough you can’t even switch genders if you wanted to, but the small handful of face and hair options on display are either clean or slightly rugged. Then again, I suppose it shouldn’t matter since that beautiful head is always going to be crammed underneath a helmet, so moving on.


First, you plan out your week. The life of a Motocross rider is a busy one, with …

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Revamped Rainbow Six Siege is cheaper than ever

Ubisoft announced big changes in the way you can acquire their competitive shooting game because they have removed the Rainbow Six Siege’s Starter Edition. Starter Edition was priced at $15 when it was released two years ago. It was the cheapest at the time. But now, the Starter Edition has been upgraded to a regular game, just called Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege or Standard Edition, which price has been lowered to $19.99.

This is good news because you no longer have to put in endless hours to unlock operators like in the old Starter Edition because all versions now enable players to unlock operators at the same time. Yes, you have to pay a bit more to get the “base” game, but its price has been reduced, so overall it’s a benefit. Previous owners of the Starter Edition will see their games automatically upgraded to the new Standard Edition.

Rainbow Six Siege, new editions

Ubisoft also made the announcement of adjusting their contents and of dropping the prices of their other editions.

  • Deluxe Edition – $30, includes base game operators and all eight Year 1 operators
  • Gold Edition – $60, includes all Deluxe Edition content and Year 4 pass
  • Ultimate Edition – $100, includes all the previously released operators (Years 1 to 4)

But there is more! All these editions are on sale during the Rainbow Six Siege free weekend event that starts tomorrow. Deluxe Edition will only be $12 for new players and Standard Edition will only be $14. Looking for a good deal? You just got it!

In case you miss this opportunity, remember that you can visit our comparator to find the best Rainbow Six Siege deals online.

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AWAY: Journey to The Unexpected Review – 2-D In 3-D, But 1-D

Story 305810377

This is where I start drinking heavily.


At the beginning of January, we posted our Indie Game Lookout, showcasing the finest indie games that were surely going to set the world afire with their creativity, styles, and flair. Of all the games featured on the list, today’s title– AWAY: Journey to The Unexpected, was going to be the first released out of the 20. Let’s find out whether I have a good judgment call or not.


This is the latest title from Aurelien Regard, a Frenchman responsible for having his hand in a handful of projects. There’s the fun Arkanoid tribute of Nervous Brickdown, and the visual onslaught that was Hell Yeah! Wrath of The Dead Rabbit— Both of which he made with the dev team he co-founded, Arkedo Studio. After Arkedo closed down in 2013, he went in own way and released The Last Penelope in 2015, a sizzling and inventive tribute to F-Zero, and now we have another sizzling and inventive title in the form of an FPS.


One of the various NPCs of AWAY talking to the main character, ensuring him that everything will be fine.


You play as a small child, sheltered from the world and its dangers, with even his parents not disclosing their occupation to him. Living with his grandparents while his parents are out on another job, he is awoken by the sound of earthquake-like shaking all around his house, and discovers the evil corporation Labiworks are causing caustic liquids to erupt from the grounds and infect the local wildlife and ruin local buildings. Effectively useless against the dangers present, it’s all okay because he has the power of friendship on his side. Yes, I’m serious.


Look, truth be told, you take one look at AWAY, and you think “oh yeah, that’s a winner”. The lovely anime-inspired artwork, the concept of using a varied and robust team to fight alongside you and help face the enemies looking to defeat you– It looked great, alright? Well, after playing it and finishing it in less than four hours, I only have one question.


What the hell happened?


The main character of AWAY is greeted by his paranoid grandparents, wondering why there's noises coming from the basement.


Everything about AWAY, every promising feature, the cutesy nature, the vibe bought forth by the cheesy J-rock and anime intro reminiscent of a Toonami original; It all falls apart mere moments after you begin your adventures into the lands available to you. It’s only February and already, a contender for The Most Disappointing Game of The Year is visible, but regardless, let’s dig deeper.


AWAY’s formula is a grotesque mutation of different genres, but none of them are fused into each other beyond face value. The first thing you’ll come across is the FPS flavor, but for brevity’s sake, we’ll talk about the negotiation aspect first. The gist is that because the character you control is unbelievably useless– Actually, truth be told, he isn’t.


The reason why he isn’t is that the enemy variety is pitifully small.  While your character can only do set damage of 1HP on every monster, which can lead him to be easily overwhelmed in some instances, but if our best friend Kiting has our back, then you won’t have a problem with all 9 enemies… Well, until the perspective comes into play.


A massive spider intends to eat the main character of AWAY.


Thus …

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THQ Nordic/Koch Media Acquires Warhorse Studios

Kingdom Come Deliverance How To Get Out Of The Castle
THQ Nordic today entered into an agreement to acquire Warhorse Studios, the studio behind Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

This acquisition includes the development studio and all IP rights. It is also a natural result of the previous successful cooperation between Koch Media and Warhorse Studios.

Martin Fryvaldsky, CEO Warhorse Studios, said:

“Becoming part of THQ Nordic family is an important milestone for our studio. We began as a small start-up with a handful of employees who were enthusiastic enough to join this challenging project. The skills of our team members, trust and support of our main investor and passion of our fans, who supported development of Kingdom Come: Deliverance through a Kickstarter campaign, helped us grow to an international level. We believe that backing by THQ Nordic and Koch Media will give us an extra push in our mission to bring exciting games to our customers and extend the frontiers of the gaming industry.”

Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO Koch Media GmbH added:

“We are delighted to welcome the team from Warhorse Studios in the Family. The successful cooperation we developed during our journey with Kingdom Come: Deliverance linked both our companies already very closely and I am sure that our now even closer combined knowledge and experience will open up amazing new opportunities for both companies. Not only the 2 Million sold copies but also the motivation within the teams to create new ideas combined with the learnings from the past, are a rock solid foundation for future projects to build on.”

Lars Wingefors, CEO of THQ Nordic AB, also said:

”Warhorse Studios is one of the leading independent studios in Europe and I am proud to welcome them to the THQ Nordic group. Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which has now sold over 2 million copies, has been a great success since the release exactly one year ago. I look forward to continuing to witness the owners run the studio and drive the creative process for many years.”

Source: Press Release
THQ Nordic/Koch Media Acquires Warhorse Studios

THQ Nordic today entered into an agreement to acquire Warhorse Studios, the studio behind Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Days Gone Gets New Trailer Showing Sarah & Deacon’s Wedding

SIE Bend Studio has released a new trailer for their upcoming title Days Gone that focuses on Sarah and Deacon’s wedding

New Features Coming to Red Dead Online Beta February 26

Rockstar Games announced today that the next wave of new features and updates for the Red Dead Online Beta will make their way to the game on February 26

Shadow of the Tomb Raider “The Price of Survival” DLC Now Available

Square-Enix, Eidos Montreal, and Crystal Dynamics announced today that the Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC “The Price of Survival” is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

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