The most long-awaited patch of the year was released yesterday. Anthem update 1.3.0 was finally launched yesterday, and it’s not a trivial matter because it will pretty much decide the future of Bioware’s first-person shooter. Since it launched on February 22, Anthem has been struggling to maintain itself alive. It´s not that it’s a bad game or anything, but for some reason, the developers didn’t quite hit the nail with it. One of the main issues was the huge loading times for things where there shouldn’t have been any, like accessing the forge. Even though it’s true that many of the problems have been fixed after the game launched with improved loading times, better accessibility to every area of the game and many quality of life changes, most people agree that many of those things should have been in the game when it was released. Even worse, having to put a considerable amount of time into fixing those things have delayed the schedule for other things that were planned for the game, like new content.

The main addition of Anthem update 1.3.0 to the game is the first Cataclysm activity. This is a seasonal event that will get players to group up and cooperate to face new challenges and bosses. To complement this gameplay mode, you will see leaderboards, a new seasonal currency that players will be able to use to buy items from a seasonal store, and Inversions, which are gameplay modifiers that will influence the performance of your javelins during the event.

Anthem – Cataclysm

Other than the Cataclysm event itself, Anthem update 1.3.0 comes with several other important changes. Luck stat disappears, and the drop rates for Grandmaster 1 and greater difficulty modes have been raised to compensate for the loss, so you won’t be forced to equip gear that is just useful for getting better drops at the cost of having an impact on your performance. Three new classes of weapons have been added too: Volt Casters, Pulse Accelerators, and Blade Slingers. All these additions, along with a few bug fixes and some changes to the melee weapons of the javelins are aimed towards putting Anthem back on the right path again. It is yet to be seen if it’s too late for that or not, but if you are interested, you can check the complete Anthem update 1.3.0 notes here.

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