Call of Duty Warzone Boot Camp Guide
Modern Warfare’s Warzone update introduces brand new challenges. This Call of Duty Warzone Boot Camp Guide will walk you through each of the basic Boot Camp objectives such as pinging enemies and items, collecting different weapons, calling loadouts and more.

Challenges have always been a fantastic way of unlocking new items and Warzone’s challenges are the same. There are tons of emblems, calling cards, spray tags, and other items available if you complete single challenges within a challenge group, with the best rewards unlocked once you have all of the challenges within a group.

Call of Duty Warzone Boot Camp Guide

Ping An Enemy – Double tap up on the d-pad when targeting an enemy
Ping An Object On The Ground – Highlight an item on the floor and press up on the d-pad once
Ping Danger In The World – Look at any location and press up twice
Collect A Weapon In One Different Match – Pick up a weapon in a match
Collect Your Loadout One Time – Collect a loadout by waiting for a Loadout drop at the end of the match or calling one in at a Buy Station
Collect Cash – Collect piles of cash from the ground. Chests and player loot counts

We are continuing to update this Call of Duty Warzone Boot Camp Guide as we continue through the different challenges in the Warzone Boot Camp. If you’re struggling on any of the challenges in particular, post a comment below.

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