The release date of Borderlands 3 will arrive quite soon and we can now watch the launch trailer. Despite 2K’s efforts for stopping the leaks, it turned out that the trailer was published by Gearbox on Twitter before the official reveal. Even though it was removed almost immediately, many people managed to download it’s been circulating on the Internet for a few hours. We don’t know if this has caused that the official release has happened but whatever the case is, we can finally take a look at the official cinematic launch trailer of Borderlands 3.

The trailer serves as an introduction to the conflict that will drive the story in the new installment in the Borderlands series. It showcases the Calypso brothers, Tyreen and Troy, leaders of the Children of the Vault. They will be one of the main antagonistic factions in the game, proving to be a real threat to the Vault Hunters in their adventures through the galaxy, and especially in Pandora, where the cult has its base.

Other than that, the spectacular trailer gives us an advance of what we can expect to see in the game: lots of intense action. It doesn’t matter which character you play you will be immersed in the frenetic world of Borderlands 3, where deadly shootouts, loads of loot and, and an endless supply of guns are waiting for you. If pets and stealth are your thing, Fl4k is your guy. Want to be a powerhouse able to control the battlefield? Choose Amara. Zane is your guy if you want to adapt to every possible combat situation. Finally, if you want insane firepower and to be able to summon a deadly mech you should talk to Moze.

Borderlands 3 – The Vault Hunters

But do not be mistaken, Borderlands 3 is not only about you fighting against a cult of freaks that want to make the power of the Vaults theirs. You will adventure through the galaxy aboard your very own spaceship and discover new planets to explore, enemies to destroy, and treasures to find.

Borderlands 3 will launch Setember 13t on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Don’t forget to visit out comparator to find the best prices for it.

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