Halloween is the perfect excuse to celebrate a limited-time event in many games, and developer Gearbox Software wasn’t going to miss this opportunity of celebrating Halloween in Borderlands 3, so they have prepared the Bloody Harvest Event for all of us.

If you play Borderlands 3 from October 24 to December 5, you will be able to join the Bloody Harvest and fight against Halloween-themed enemies in an event that can yield several spooky rewards. Those range from new skins for Fl4k, Amara, Moze, and Zane to a variety of customization items for your weapons. But there is more than customization options in this event, and you will also get to fight against a new boss who pretty much looks like the Ghost Rider version of Captain Traunt with his flaming skull and all. He is expected to drop a new legendary weapon, the Fearmonger, which seems to be a freezing shotgun in the video.

Borderlands 3 – Bloody Harvest Boss

This free content update for Borderlands 3 will be applied very soon, and we don’t know if it will also include any kind of balance changes like the ones that have been applied to the game since it started. Despite the annoyance of having to think about new builds and weapon combinations, Gearbox is doing a great job balancing the game and offering different gameplay possibilities for all the characters. Fl4k is not a one-trick-pony anymore, and pet builds are as viable as stealth ones, and the same goes for Amara, who has a few different elemental builds to try or can even go melee. The same goes for the weapons in the game; the almighty Flakker is not the best option in 99% of the situations now that it consumes a whole magazine every time it shoots. It still deals insane damage, and it’s a great weapon, but you can look at other options now.

If you haven’t tried Borderlands 3 yet, it’s the perfect moment to start with it and also enjoy the new Bloody Harvest event.

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