After quite a successful launch, the developers of the roguelike first-person shooter Void Bastards are planning to expand the content in the game. Blue Manchu has revealed part of their plans to provide the players with even more options and hours of gameplay adding some DLC content to their sci-fi shooter.

Void Bastards gameplay

First of all, they are adding a new set of challenges to the game to make the experience even more compelling. Navigating through the Sargasso Nebula gathering materials to craft different tools and weapons was challenging enough, but the new modes will bring new ways of experiencing this adventure.
As you probably know if you have played the game, you play as an inmate with randomized skills that has to explore different spaceships. Each of those spaceships can have different environmental conditions that have an impact on the gameplay, and that can range from lack of energy to a shortage of oxygen or even radioactive leaks. New challenges mean that we are getting a new difficulty layer to spice up things in Void Bastards with things like having to stealth your way past super tough enemies, being forced to rely on amped up authorization skills to take over ship systems or managing a super fast but hard to control client. The best of all this is that the new challenges will be free for everyone that owns the base game.

Other than the new challenges, it seems that Void Bastards will also be getting a DLC with a new faction. Sargasso Nebula is quite a dirty place, and this new faction would be interested in keeping it clean by deploying a new variety of vessels with new types of units. The DLC would also include a new weapon, but it’s yet to be announced. You can see one of the new units in the clip below.

Have you noticed how dirty the Sargasso Nebula is? Tydy did and is standing by to deploy its fleet of cleaning vessels and automated cleaning units to really spruce things up. Warning: don’t stand too near a Tydy Bot as their dirt recognition units have been known to malfunction when exposed to nebula radiation.

Void Bastards is already a highly recommendable game and these changes are and additions would be great. If you haven’t tried it yet you should visit our comparator to find the best prices online.

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