We owe some excellent games to Bloober Team. The Polish studio that has created Observer, Layers of Fear, and more recently Blair Witch, has published a rather intriguing message on its Twitter account.

This short video that accompanies the message seems visibly enigmatic, although it could be not so cryptic for you if you’ve already played Observer. Indeed, if you know the game, you will surely have recognized several elements here. For those who have never played it, we have a little summary of the essentials.

The story of Observer takes place in 2084 Poland, after the outburst of a digital plague called Nanophage, which followed a war. The population, which suffered because of misery and drugs, has taken refuge in virtual reality thanks to neural implants. In the game, you play as Daniel Lazarski, a neural detective, or Observer, employed by a mega-corporation, who can penetrate the minds of suspects.

Observer – Opening scene

The video included in the tweet several references to Observer. The most obvious is the logo, which is actually the one of Chiron, the corporation that hires Daniel. Also, the incoming call is not trivial either, since the very first scene of Observer shows Daniel in his car, receiving a call, and we can see on the screen of this one the same design as on the video.

We can also recognize in a rather obvious way “Chiron Incorporated” in the message “> sig: ch120n 1nc02p02473d_”, but it seems that the video hides other secrets too. A player noticed that we can see binary language. The sequence at the top of the image, once translated, gives the following message, “Daniel, are you there?”, which also recalls the scene previously quoted. We can see another series on the right side, which perhaps hides some other clues.

Finally, if it was not clear enough that this is Observer, the #cyberpunk and #horrorgame, leave no room for doubt. It remains to be seen what Bloober Team is really teasing, but everything indicates that it could be a sequel to Observer.

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