All shoot-em-up fans have no doubt carefully rationed out their supply of bombs, picking out just the right moment to make things go boom. Bipedal Dog, saying nuts to this approach, lets players go aplomb with infinite explosions with their new shmup Blast Rush Classic. Featuring waves of enemies and a wealth of firepower, does more equal better in this case?

Blast Rush Classic Review

Presented in a vertical format, there are a few hooks that make this different than your typical shmup. Though bullets automatically fire at a steady rate, they won’t destroy enemies quickly. Rather, the only way to deal with the throngs of enemies that take up the screen is to use your infinite supply of bombs. There is a very brief period of cooldown between bombs though, so timing is absolutely critical. When in a pinch, one can also do damage by doing quick side motions to kick up powerful gusts. Finally, there is a Hyperdodge pickup that slows things down when enemies get just a little too close. These mechanics are simple and straightforward, yet prove to be refreshing at the same time.

It all sounds simple, but things get balls to the wall crazy when players set out to escape the enemy base. Blast Rush Classic moves at an incredibly fast pace, and enemies will get up in your business almost instantly. There is a method to the madness, and memorization will help players get ahead, but skill plays just as big of a part in this title. With these mechanics in play, it is important to figure out exactly what to use when, especially when larger enemies take more damage to take down.

The main mode has 40 waves for players to get through, with a single shot signifying instant death. Though players can just as easily pick up on the wave they left off of, their score will be sacrificed as a result. There is an achievement for 1CCing the game, so those looking to get ahead will have to master this short yet sweet gauntlet if they want to master the title. All enemy patterns are the same, so the same muscle memory that works in the best shmups on the market today works here too. There are other achievements to be had as well for adept play, giving Blast Rush Classic some legs.

Outside of the main mode, there are a few ships and modes for players to sink their teeth into. Three different ships with different bomb types and firing rates can be explored, and there is also an endurance mode that lets players blast through randomized waves. For those looking for just a brief taste of gameplay, there are also two minute variations of each of these modes to explore.

Just be warned that there is not a ton of variety in the background or enemy types. Most players won’t have this be top of mind as they do everything in their power to survive, but a few more baddies or background layouts would have helped spice things up.

Turning the shmup genre on its head, Blast Rush Classic kicks things up a notch with its focus on firepower and incredible sense of speed.

This review of Blast Rush Classic was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
Blast Rush Classic Review

All shoot-em-up fans have no doubt carefully rationed out their supply of bombs, picking out just the right moment to make things go boom. Bipedal Dog, saying nuts to this approach, lets players go

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