DOOM franchise includes some of the most popular first-person shooting games of all time. Frenetic action, plenty of powerful weapons, and hordes of demons to massacre to your heart’s content are granted when you play any DOOM title, and the upcoming installment in the series is not gonna offer players any less. Bethesda Softworks has partnered with id Software to bring us DOOM Eternal. We could see a bit of game footage during QuakeCon 2018 but now we can indulge ourselves with a new video that shows plenty of action.

As you can see in the video, the Doom Slayer won’t be short of options to lay waste to the demonic hordes that have invaded Earth in DOOM Eternal. The Hell on Earth will be your playground as you face an endless stream of demons equipped with weapons like a retractable blade, a shoulder-mounted flamethrower and plenty of guns of all types. Not only you will have insane firepower, but your mobility skills will also be up to par, allowing you to double jump and dash. Along with your increment in power, you can also expect that the level of challenge is increased, with new demons and hard bosses to fight in the single-player campaign.

DOOM Eternal is a sequel to the DOOM that was released in 2016, and you can clearly notice it in its approach to combat. The game favors a fast-paced and aggressive gameplay style that matches perfectly with the high level of violence and gore that the game features. The visuals are amazing and the characteristic combination of hi-tech and demonic elements makes the demons in DOOM Eternal look really amazing, as you can see in the Gladiator, the Marauder, or the DOOM Hunter.

The appeal of DOOM Eternal for the fans of the series is undisputed, and there are already many players eagerly waiting for the release of the game on March 20. If you are one of those, remember to visit our comparator to find the game at the best price.

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