Harebrained Schemes is committed to expanding BattleTech contents and they have announced an upcoming DLC that will include plenty of new mechs for players to add to their lances and even a small campaign that will introduce one of the most famous mercenary forces in the Inner Sphere, Wolf’s Dragoons.

Heavy Metal will be the third DLC released for Harebrained’s turn-based strategy game. Flashpoint introduced stories that provided over 30 hours of content, and Urban Warfare brought new combat mechanics and mechs to the game, as well as large-scale building destruction, environmental mechanics.

Heavy Metal seems to be all about firepower, and it will add seven classic mechs to Battletech. Ranked from lower to higher weight, those are Flea, Assassin, Vulcan, Phoenix Hawk, Rifleman, Archer, and Annihilator. You can customize their weapon, armor, and components during the game, but the different hardpoints available on each chassis limit your options, so having more to choose from is always good and offers you more tactical flexibility and a variety of different options. This DLC will also include a new type of mech, the Bull Shark, a massive machine of destruction whose armament has not been unveiled yet.

Regarding other contents, Heavy Metal also includes a few new weapons, like a heavy mortar with area-effect damage or a coil beam that shoots rays that do more damage the further they travel.

BattleTech – Heavy Metal

The new campaign included in the DLC will immerse you in a conflict for the control of a derelict cargo ship has drifted into the Periphery from deep space, allowing you to meet two legendary characters – the Bounty Hunter and the Black Widow of Wolf’s Dragoons.

If you own the Battletech Season Pass, you will have access to Heavy Metal when it launches on November 21, or you can also buy it separately. Whether you purchase the DLC or not, you are getting a couple of new mechs for free when Heavy Metal launches. Marauder and Warhammer will be added for free through a patch.

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