We knew it was coming but this change of scenario has been greatly anticipated. Battlefield 5 is finally putting its focus on a part of World War II that it’s been left aside in most of the shooters. Most of the games tend to focus on what happened in Europe but there are very few that try to represent what happened in the Pacific during the conflict. DICE has announced the launch of the War in the Pacific free update, that will pit the United States forces against the Japanese army.

War in the Pacific will allow you to take part in the Pacific invasion in a reimagination of classic battlefields like Iwo Jima or Wake Island. You can choose between two different factions to experience the conflict from both sides if you want to. You will have plenty of options to equip and customize your Company with iconic uniforms that resemble U.S. armed forces on one side and the Imperial Japanese Army on the other.

This new Battlefield 5 chapter comes full of new weapons for you to use, that range from katanas to all kinds of firearms. Each of the classes will have access to new weapons: Type 99 Arisaka rifle for the Recon class, Type 100 SMG for Medics or M1919A6 machine gun for the Support class are just some examples of what you will be able to use. But there is more than weapons in this update, and iconic vehicles like the Sherman M4 or the Japanese Zero Fighter will let you rule the battlefield both up in the sky and down on earth.

And DICE has not forgotten the elites. Jack Culver and Keisuke Nakamura will join the U.S. and the Japanese forces respectively, adding a bit of flavor to the gameplay with their unique background and stories.

Battlefield 5 – War in the Pacific

To complete the War in the Pacific experience, this update will also include plenty of chapter rewards that you will be able to unlock as you play and earn Chapter Ranks, as well as weekly challenges.

Update 5: War in the Pacific will be out on October 31st, and you will get it for free if you own Battlefield 5.

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