Battlefield 5 seems to be doing quite good after it´s successful release months ago. DICE keeps launching content on schedule for its FPS based on World War II and now it´s the turn of a new Tides of War Chapter 3 update that will be available in a couple of days.

Under the name Trial by Fire, this chapter has been adding extra content to the game in the form of extra rewards to unlock, new game modes, and more. Now it´s getting a brand new map for the players. Similar to most of the previous scenarios in Battlefield 5, Mercury map will focus on a relatively known place for the people who are fans of World War II but that it’s not one of the major battles, which is quite refreshing if you consider that most of the games in the genre tend to show only the most famous battles of the conflict.

Mercury is one of the two maps based on 1941’s Operation Mercury. It will take us to Crete, where we will experience a true dogfight for the conquest of an idyllic territory. Sadly, you are not there to spend your time sunbathing and sightseeing and even if this is not Normandy taking the beach will be really hard. The other map, named Marita, will be part of the following tides of War chapter that will be coming at some point in June.

Most of Battlefield 5 players are still focused on the most popular piece of content that Tides of War Chapter 3: Trial by Fire has added to the game since it came out; that is Firestorm mode. This Battle Royale mode, like all of the content included in the previous updates, is completely free if you own the base game, and it adds a new dimension to the game never seen before in a title of the Battlefield series.

Battlefield 5 – Firestorm Mode

If you don´t want to miss anything and feel like giving Mercury a try, it will come live on May 30. As usual, if you do not have Battlefield 5 yet, you can find the best price in our comparator.

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