Baldur's Gate 3 Side Quest Guide
Hidden quests and objectives provide some worthwhile rewards in Baldur’s Gate III. This Baldur’s Gate 3 Side Quest Guide will tell you where to find each of the side quests we have discovered on our journey through the game, as well as some hints and tips to completing each of the quests.

It’s important to note that, due to Baldur’s Gate 3’s style of game, most side quests can be approached in many different ways. Sometimes you’ll find a quest objective before actually picking up the quest itself, sometimes you may even complete side quests without knowing. We’ve highlighted how we approached each side quest but remember, there’s always more than one option available should you approach it from a different perspective.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Side Quest Guide

Explore The Ruins
Explore The Ruins
Near the start of Ravaged Beach, where you meet Shadowheart. There is a locked door. Search the chests at the docks to the South East and to the West, you should find some Thieves Tools. You can use this to pick the lock on the door. I would wait a short while before attempting, until you have at least one more companion as it can be rough inside.

Explore The Ruins

In the first room loot everything except the Sarcophagus at the center of the room. Position your team like this and then use one character to loot it, then run North West to escape the fire arrow traps. Head into the next room to loot then North West again into the final room.

Explore The Ruins

Saving Arabella
When you reach The Hollow, head down the stairs to speak with the Druids performing the ritual. At the bottom of the stairs will be a group of civilians arguing. After the cut-scene where the druid transforms into a bear, speak with the distraught mother. She will ask you to free her daughter, then head into the main chamber.

When you enter you can attempt a Persuasion check, if successful she will be freed and return to her mother. If you fail, the child will die. The same outcome will take effect if you choose Nature and fail the check.

Save Mayrina
Save Mayrina
There are two bothers arguing with an oldy lady at this location. If you choose “Calm Down” as the first conversation option, then ask the old lady where the girl is, you will get the quest to save Mayrina.

Save Mayrina
Head to this location to find the old ladies house, you see the two brothers on the road, both dead. When you reach the house you tell the sister of her brothers’ fate than you have to fight the hag and some other enemies. She retreats after a short while, leaving you to fight the goblin-like creatures. Once they are defeated follow her into the lair below.

Save before trying to get through the tree-like door as if you fail both checks, I was unable to find another way in.

Finish The Masterwork Weapon
Finish The Masterwork Weapon
You can find this quests here, in in the Blighted Village. There’s Goblins here but you can persuade them to leave you alone. There is a locked barn, just after you enter the village. Pick the lock and head inside into a basement style smithing area.

Still working on completing this one.

Rescue Volo
Rescue Volo
You may meet this wandering Minstrel in the small settlement with the Druids. If you don’t you will encounter him later on in the game, as a prisoner in the goblin camp. Once you meet him at the goblin camp he will be escorted into the cells, which is in the interior to the goblin camp, at the location marked above. You can use Deception or Persuasion to free him, or you can pickpocket the key off the female goblin, or slaughter her and take it. After that, open the cage and tell him to meet you at camp.

We’re still working through a lot of side quests so check back soon for updates.

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