Red Hook Studios Announces ‘Darkest Dungeon 2’, Only Confirmed for Desktop So Far

In early 2016 developer Red Hook Studios released Darkest Dungeon on PC, an extremely dark turn-based roguelike RPG. Its standout feature was its “stress” system where members of your party could be afflicted by various types of psychological problems that could affect their performance in battle, adding a really interesting layer of strategy to the gameplay. Darkest Dungeon also featured an impressive roster of cool playable classes and a bad ass gothic aesthetic, and almost immediately became a sensation with players. Darkest Dungeon initially released as part of Steam Early Access and stayed there for almost a year before becoming “complete” with console ports releasing for PlayStation in late 2016, an iPad version called Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Edition ($4.99) in the summer of 2017, and ports for Xbox and Nintendo Switch this past year. Now just over three years after that initial release on desktop, Red Hook has officially announced Darkest Dungeon 2 with the following teaser.

Not a ton of information about Darkest Dungeon 2 has been revealed just yet, but Red Hook did conduct an exclusive interview with PC Gamer and divulged a few nuggets. Most notably is that, like the original Darkest Dungeon, they’ll be releasing the sequel on Steam Early Access first and will polish and tweak the game based on early player feedback before considering a full release. They also say that the combat system from the first game will be returning but receiving a “tune-up” and that the metagame structure will be “completely different” this time around.

One thing not mentioned is what platforms Darkest Dungeon 2 will ultimately end up on, though that’s not very surprising at this point. Fans clamored for a mobile version of the first game for a long time as it seemed like it would be a perfect fit for the platform, but when Darkest Dungeon did finally arrive on the iPad in 2017 it came with some concessions. The biggest being that the aspect ratio didn’t fit the full screen of the iPad due to how Red Hook originally created the assets, so players had to deal with black borders. Also an iPhone version was deemed unfeasible due to a similar reason that the UI assets were never originally created for such small screens and the work involved in completely redoing them for the iPhone would be too much. Hopefully these types of things will be taken into consideration from the start for Darkest Dungeon 2 and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that at some point in the future we’ll be receiving the sequel on mobile.

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SwitchArcade Round-Up: ‘Modern Combat Blackout’ Review, ‘Shovel Knight’ Delays, ‘Steins;Gate Elite’ Releases, Today’s Sales, and More

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for February 19th, 2019. In today’s article, we’ve got a review of Gameloft’s first Switch release, a look at today’s new releases, a couple of news nuggets, and yes, a fine list of sales to tempt you with. Truly a buffet for the brain, or at least that’s how I’m pitching it. It is at this point I remind you, kind guests, that there are no refunds or exchanges. Let’s open the package!


A Bunch of ‘Shovel Knight’ Stuff Has Been Delayed

April 9th was looking to be a good day for Shovel Knight fans, with a physical version of Treasure Trove, a three-pack of Amiibo figures, and perhaps most importantly, the King of Cards and Showdown content updates that mark the end of the original Shovel Knight project all set for release on that date. Sadly, said content needs more time in the oven, and with the delay of one comes the delay of all. According to Yacht Club Games, the delay will be “several months” at most, so we will almost certainly be seeing this stuff in 2019. As for any kind of specific date, we’ll just have to wait and see.

‘Dragon Marked for Death’ Update Addresses Balance Issues and More

Dragon Marked for Death is a lot of fun under the right conditions, but for a lot of people, satisfying those conditions has proven rather difficult. The latest update for the game has hit, bringing it to version 1.1.1, and it seeks to address some of the feedback the developer has received. Time limits on lower difficulty quests have been increased, and a number of item, NPC, and enemy placements have been altered. A bunch of bugs have also been fixed, but unfortunately the process of fixing them has resulted in a new one, leading stat improvement items to not function properly. The good news about that is that in announcing when it would be fixed, Inti Creates also told us there is another update coming in early March.


Modern Combat Blackout ($19.99)

They say that nature abhors a vacuum, and if there’s any truth to that, then I suppose we could call Gameloft a force of nature. Whatever Gameloft started as, and whatever it is today, the company will probably always be most famous for the period of time where no console or PC hit could avoid having a Gameloft-brand mobile knock-off. No Halo on mobile? How about N.O.V.A. instead? Fixing for some World of Warcraft? Well, here’s Order & Chaos. Grand Theft Auto? Gangstar has you covered. Diablo mobile? Soon a reality, but for years it has been Dungeon Hunter. And of course, in one of the company’s bigger successes, mobile fans looking for Call of Duty could take comfort in Gameloft’s Modern Combat.

Some people judge the company harshly for this approach, but while I can’t argue in favor of the artistic merits of what Gameloft built its house on, I don’t think it was necessarily a bad thing. If people want a certain game series on a certain device and its owner doesn’t put it there, it’s only natural that copies would spring up. Heck, …

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DiRT Rally 2.0 arrives at full speed!

With twenty years and thirteen games on the clock, the series Colin McRae Rally is undoubtedly one of the most famous licenses in rally racing. The name DiRT, appeared for the first time in 2007 with Colin McRae: DiRT, and the series was completely renamed in 2011 with DiRT 3. The series owes its success to its very realistic approach to driving, and it’s for a good reason, its name is borrowed from multiple rally world champion Colin McRae, who worked closely with Codemasters on the first installment.

The series has since made its way and continues to seduce the players. Announced last September, the highly anticipated DiRT Rally 2.0 will be released on February 26, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

So, what’s going on a few days before the official release? Here is a little overview of what awaits you.

In terms of landscapes, DiRT Rally 2.0 will make you travel. Indeed, always with the aim of offering realism to the players, Codemasters has integrated into this new entry six real rally races in Argentina, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Australia, and in the United States. So there is a variety of different environments available to you. In addition, the game also includes the FIA ​​World Rallycross Championship, which will take you to Barcelona, ​​Montalegre, Mettet, Loheac, Trois-Rivieres, Hell, Höljes and Silverstone.

The career mode “My team” will always be on the program, allowing you to participate in different events, accompanied by your staff. And in DiRT Rally 2.0, it will be important, because your co-driver and the mechanics in your garage will have an impact on your results in the race, so you will have to adapt your strategy according to their skills.

DiRT Rally 2.0 – Weather Effects

The weather will be taken seriously in DiRT Rally 2.0. The system has been improved and it will have a direct impact on your driving. In case of bad weather, your visibility may, for example, be reduced, or your car could lose grip on the road. Speaking of the road, one of the big news of DiRT Rally 2.0 is the degradation of the track. The more vehicles crossings it, the more the terrain will be damaged, forcing you to adapt your driving. The damage done to your vehicles will also have an impact on your performance, because it is not limited to aesthetics, but will also affect the mechanics of your vehicles. Hence the importance of choosing your team.

On the side of improvements, you can now choose the tires of your cars. Softer tires offer better grip, but wear faster, while harder tires are more durable, but slow you down. The developers have also announced that a complete tutorial will be available for vehicle customization, to make it more accessible and understandable for all players.

DiRT Rally 2.0 – Volkswagen Polo

DiRt Rally 2.0 includes more than 50 vehicles of all times, like the VW Polo, the R5 GTI, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and the Citroën C3 R5. Finally, if you are looking for more thrill and have the spirit of competition, you will be able to face players from around the world, during daily, weekly or monthly challenges.

DiRT Rally 2.0

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Google Is Up to Something in Gaming at GDC

Invites for Google’s GDC Keynote, which will be held at 10:00 AM on 3/19/19, went out this morning to a bunch of folks in the gaming media. This has led to loads of speculation as to what they’ll announce, as there has been loads of rumors (some much more solid than other) circulating. The speculation I personally find to be the most reasonable involves Google having some massive announcement surrounding Project Stream, which is what their not-so-secret Project Yeti was officially revealed as late last year. Basically, Project Stream is an OnLive-like game streaming service which will both lean heavily on Google’s existing services like YouTube along with either a piece of companion hardware or some sort of viewer app that could work on basically every reasonably modern Android-powered smart TV. From there, it’s only a few small logical leaps to assume all this stuff could eventually come to mobile devices.

For the initial test of Public Stream, Google made Assassin’s Creed Osyssey playable inside of a Chrome web browser:

Stepping back a bit, this makes a ton of sense, and it feels like all the pieces are moving into a place where the hardware you’re actually playing games on becomes totally irrelevant. It’s not like this suggestion is some far-fetched Sci-Fi future either, as OnLive was doing this, on the first generation iPad, nine years ago:

Lots of folks raised their eyebrows at Microsoft pushing to make Xbox Live cross platform, but perhaps they see the writing on the wall too. As internet connections get better, and as latency improves, there’s very few reasons remaining for you to actually do all the processing to run a game locally versus just playing it on some cloud platform.

Hell, I play a ton of games on my PC, and pretty much just budget to spend around $1,000 every couple years on a new video card. If that stops being a thing, and all the games I like are just streamable with latency comparable to being rendered locally? AND if that same stream works on everything I have from my PC to my TV to my phone? Man, that is an awesome future. I guess we’ll see what happens at GDC.

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Lego Movie 2 Video Game – Preview

Warner Bros doesn’t really disappoint when it comes to video games tied to a movie release. With the recent release of The Lego Movie 2 in cinemas, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is also prepping up for the release of the video game version very soon. The game is just as awesome and epic as hoped according to the lucky ones who have had the chance to get a go with it days before the official release. Which is a good thing in all aspects!

Nothing much is changed in the Lego games in recent years. The basic is pretty much the same – the running around, collecting of bricks and studs, and the building and smashing of objects. We have seen all these since the first licensed LEGO games. However, this time some exciting changes have been added giving the game few new tricks and twists.

Lego the Movie 2 videogame

What’s New in Lego Movie 2 Video Game?

The narrative is still the same as the recently released movie but now cut scenes are rendered in-game instead of using the cinematics of the film. It’s both funny and utterly charming. Aside from that, the visuals have also improved since the characters in this version now look like real LEGOs. There’s no more of that shiny surfaces.

If you remember the previous version, players would break objects and reassemble it into whatever object needed to pass the obstacles. But now, as players start their journey in Apocalypseburg, (then Bricksburg) they will go collecting various colored LEGO bricks to be used in building objects. They are given blueprints to be used as a guide. This change allows payers to explore the environment more as they try to look for colored bricks needed in their building.

The combat in Lego Movie 2 video game also has some minor changes. Players now have their special Build attack that can help in leveling the playing field. The playable characters can now also make objects that can help them complete their tasks.

All in all, there will be quite some crazy and surprising changes in the Lego Movie 2 video game to make you excited. It’s fresher and it’s going to be released this February 26! Check out our comparator to see the perfect deal for Lego Movie 2 video game online.


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‘Fortnite’ V7.40 Content Update Available Now Adding the Driftboard Limited Time Item and the Driftin’ Limited Time Mode

Fortnite (Free) finally got controller support on iOS and Android with Patch 7.30 and even allowed for 60fps gameplay on a few Android devices. Patch 7.40 arrived a few days ago with the return of gifting and the ability to earn the Season 8 Battle Pass for free. Today, the content update for patch 7.40 has arrived bringing a new limited time item, the Driftboard and a new Limited Time Mode.

The Driftboard Limited Time Item lets you ride around in style and pull off tricks while firing at enemies. You can get a Driftboard from a Red Supply Drop for use in the Driftin’ Limited Time Mode where you race to eliminate enemies as the last team standing. This mode will have two teams of 32 players and all chests and ammo boxes have been removed. The Catch Limited Time Mode is also available going by the patch notes which replaces all weapons with things that can be tossed like grenades.

If you do play Fortnite, we have a dedicated channel in our Discord. Make sure to join our Discord channel here to squad up and get some Victory Royales. If you play only on Nintendo Switch, you can now play with PS4 gamers as well thanks to Sony finally allowing true cross play. If you’re curious about which Android devices can run Fortnite at 60fps, read this. With the Resident Evil 2 mode in PUBG Mobile, which of the two Battle Royale kings are you currently playing?

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A new Black Ops 4 season full of surprises starts today

A new season for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 starts today and Treyarch has a load of new features and surprises ready for us. The content will be appearing progressively along the following weeks and we will be getting something new every day.

Operation Grand Heist arrives today (first on PlayStation 4 and a bit later on PC and Xbox One, as usual) and it comes full of content for all modes. This is the unlocking schedule for the week:

– Tuesday, Feb. 19: Multiplayer gets a new specialist, the Outrider, equipped with a pilotable scouting drone and a deadly bow with explosive arrows. It also gets the One in the Chamber mode (three lives, one bullet, you better aim to kill) along with some balance updates for weapons. Blackout is getting a new Ghost Town destination with two locations, new buildings, and a refurbished Prestige system for those that have reached Echelon level 80. If you are more into Zombies, you will enjoy the new “Death-Con Five” Gauntlet, and the Ethereal Razor perk, as well as getting an additional tier Skip for completing your dailies. Also, Black Market is getting a load of new items, including characters, weapons, outfits and more

– Wednesday, February 20: We will see the comeback of a familiar face on the new Operation. No clue about who it is yet.

– Thursday, February 21: League Play kicks off in multiplayer and Zombies will support the new weapons from the Black Market.

– Friday, February 22: Blackout gets three fancy new vehicles: SV, PBR, and Muscle Car on the Hot Pursuit mode

Black Ops Pass holders will get some extra rewards too, like two new multiplayer maps, Casino and Lockout, or the Cosmic Silverback character for Blackout.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Outrider

All of this content is coming just during the first week of the season, but Treyarch has quite a bit more novelties in storage for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. As the season progresses we will see many new additions, like a brand new Hardcore Mode for Blackout or the “Hellcatraz” Gauntlet for Zombies.

If you want to know more about this new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season you can check the official blog here, and you can check our comparator too to find the best prices for the game.

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‘PUBG Mobile’s ‘Resident Evil 2’ Collaboration Is Finally Live with Version 0.11.0 Now Available on the App Store and Google Play

PUBG Mobile (Free) patch 0.10.0 arrived a while ago and we’ve had loads of teases for the Resident Evil 2 crossover event and also been able to get more details for it in the beta for the 0.11.0 update. Capcom released Resident Evil 2 (the remake) late last month across PS4, Xbox One, and PC and it is awesome. Today, PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 has begun rolling out worldwide with various fixes, content, and ways to earn rewards outside the Resident Evil 2 stuff. Watch a teaser for the event below:

The zombies mode is called Zombie: Survive Till Dawn. This lets you fight on Erangel but zombies and bosses from Resident Evil 2 spawn on the map and killing them gets you resources and items. The update also adds moonlight to Vikendi. If you’d like to get some Resident Evil 2 swag in game, the Treasures Event for both this and the Anniversary Treasure Event let you earn various rewards. The update also adds a Resident Evil 2 remake flavour to the main menu and music. For the non event related updates, you can now disable shadows to save battery, weapons like the SMG and Assault Rifles War Modes will have double ammo from the get go.

If you do play PUBG Mobile, we have a dedicated channel in our Discord for it. Make sure to join our Discord channel here to squad up and prepare for the Resident Evil 2 event for exclusive gear.

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‘Oceanhorn 2’ Shown Off in New Unreal Engine Project Spotlight Video

While it’s been more than two and a half years since Cornfox & Bros. originally announced Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, since the calendar turned to 2019 the team has been more frequent with updating fans on the game’s progress. Just a couple of weeks ago they released a video where they showed off an in-progress version of the game at an IGDA Finland event, and now Epic and Unreal Engine have released a new video showcasing Cornfox & Bros. and Oceanhorn 2, which is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. Obviously much of the video is talking about the virtues of using Unreal Engine, but it brings up some good points. The original Oceanhorn ($7.99) used an engine they wrote themselves, and when it came time to port the game to additional platforms this caused a lot of extra work and development time. With Unreal Engine that porting process should be much simpler with Oceanhorn 2.

In addition to making porting easier, using a third-party engine gives them more time to devote to building out content in the game as opposed to fussing around with their own engine. I love the quote that “The engine for a game, it’s like a camera for a filmmaker. So [by using Unreal Engine] you don’t have to start by building the camera, you can just focus on the content.” I was also shocked to learn that Cornfox & Bros. is just six people, and at the time they released the original Oceanhorn in 2013 they were just a team of three. That’s pretty incredible. You can find some more information and some gorgeous new screens of Oceanhorn 2 over on the Unreal Engine blog, and as always we’ll be keeping a close eye on how this highly-anticipated title continues to shape up.

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More ‘Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics’ Gameplay Footage Released

It’s been about a month since we last checked in on Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics, and today developer Orangepixel has released another lengthy video of the game in action. To back things up, Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics is more or less Gunslugs 3, but the extremely fast-paced run ‘n gun action of the first two games has been transformed into a more methodical, strategic affair with a ton of stealth elements. Hence the “tactics” part of the title. The biggest change since our last look at Rogue Tactics is that a mission system has been built into the game which will see you hopping into a level and looking to complete certain tasks. You can also see lots of the cool gadgets and different stealth mechanics on display in this latest video.

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics was actually officially announced back in November of 2017, and work continued off and on for the next year alongside other projects as Orangepixel shaped the game into something they were satisfied with. We got a lengthy look at the game in November of last year, but not long after that the art style was basically totally revamped for the better, which you can see in the previous video released last month. As Orangepixel points out in our forums, Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics likely won’t make its intended March launch window, but it’s still coming along nicely and it shouldn’t be TOO much longer until the game is finished. If you just can’t wait you can actually get in on beta versions of the game by joining the Orangepixel Patreon. We’ll continue keeping tabs on this one as development of Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics continues.

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