Borderlands 3 Sells Five Million Units in Five Days

Take-Two Interactive announced today that Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 3 has set multiple record-setting milestones.

Not only is Borderlands 3 the fastest-selling title in 2K Games’ history, it is also the highest-selling title for the label on PC in a five-day window. In just five days, it has been able to sell more than five million units, leading the Borderlands franchise to generate more than $1 billion in Net Bookings. This is the second franchise from 2K Games that has achieved this milestone.

According to Randy Pitchford, founder of The Gearbox Entertainment Company and Executive Producer of Borderlands 3:

“The response from the Borderlands 3 fans and community has been overwhelming. The mission of Gearbox is to entertain the world and with the record-breaking success of Borderlands 3, we’re excited to take one more giant leap down that road. On behalf of the incredible development team and everyone who has had a hand in making this achievement possible, I extend our warmest thanks to our fans.”

The game is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can read our review here.

Source: Press Release
Borderlands 3 Sells Five Million Units in Five Days

Take-Two Interactive announced today that Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 3 has set multiple record-setting milestones

Legendary Bounties Introduced To Red Dead Online

Following the huge Frontier Pursuits update, Rockstar Games have more exciting content arriving in Red Dead Online with the introduction of the exciting new Legendary Bounty Hunts

New Rockstar Games Launcher Offers GTA San Andreas Free

Rockstar Games recently announced the launch of a brand new service, the Rockstar Launcher, alongside an exciting freebie incentive with copies of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas up for grabs

New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Highlights Mini-Games, Summons, & More

Square Enix today released an exciting new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, offering fans a deeper insight into the ever-growing conflict between Shinra Electric Power Company and

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Speedrun Squad Review

Fueling gamers’ ever-so-important need for speed, WaffleWorks targets the speedrunning community with their new title Speedrun Squad. Featuring a motley crew of friends and 30 levels to rush through, should you start the clock on this challenge?

Speedrun Squad Review

There’s not much context or story to go off of in this title. After choosing from a crew of eight different characters, players are tasked with getting to the door at the end of each level. A single screen setup is used, with players able to see everything in a single glance. At its most basic level, players are given a jump that can double as an attack.

What you see is what you get in this title. The genre is boiled down to its absolute basic elements, and though some might appreciate this brass tacks approach to play, it is far too bland. The platforming, enemy bopping, and switch flipping has been done since the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System in the 1980s, and this title does not make a single effort to stand out.

If anything, what is here is a regression. Titles like Super Mario Bros and Ninja Gaiden had perilous platforming and looming threats, but Speedrun Squad has none of that. Fighting a screen-filling snowman or a teddy bear with a lollipop is cliche enough as it is, but easily telegraphed attacks and lazy aesthetics make this rare battles a bore. When these bouts are considered the climax of the title, you just know that you have a problem. The same goes with its bland aesthetics – the basic colors and lack of detail feels like a poorly designed Master System title, rather than a new release for gamers in 2019.

Though each character has a special ability in Speedrun Squad to spice things up, this backfires in a majestic fashion. Basic abilities like a double jump or dash take the edge off, but the inclusion of jetpacks and grappling hooks breaks the title in a horrible fashion. The title simply wasn’t designed for these hijinks, and it can often be a fast way to kill oneself without too much effort. If anything, don’t go for the chap that can reverse gravity – a single use of his ability is a guaranteed death wish.

Unless one wishes to become the top Speedrun Squad champions of all time, don’t expect to play this one for too long. The 30 levels can be polished off in around a half-hour, and there are no achievements to speak of. Though there is a practice mode that gives players the chance to dive into individual levels, there are no achievements or anything else to keep players coming back in the long term.

A very select few might appreciate the back to basics platforming found in Speedrun Squad, but most people will be turned off by its simplicity and lack of effort put in its design.

This review of Speedrun Squad was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
Speedrun Squad Review

Fueling gamers’ ever-so-important need for speed, WaffleWorks targets the speedrunning community with their new title Speedrun Squad. Featuring a

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5 Tips For Collectors In Red Dead Online

5 Tips For Traders In Red Dead Online
While Bounty Hunters take down infamous characters and traders are busy buying and selling, Collectors are out there getting dirty. Rockstar Games have lined up a list of tips and tricks for the enterprising Collectors of the Red Dead Online universe.

While the appeal of Bounty Hunting and Trading is strong, the challenge of the role of Collector is one without rival. The satisfaction of hunting down and finding rare and lucrative valuables is as intriguing as it is rewarding.

5 Tips For Collectors In Red Dead Online

Tracking down items via maps and other means can sometimes be a simple process, but other times it can be frustrating and lengthy. If you’re struggling to find a particular Collectible from the weekly list, check out some of your favorite YouTube creators. There’s some fantastic, quick, and informative videos that will take you right where you need to go.

Much like the Trader, Collectors can maximize their income with a little patience. You can trade individual Collector items to Madam Nazar for some decent cash but if you want to maximize your profits, trade entire sets at the same time.

Other than Eagle Eye and Collector Maps, be sure to search the bodies of those poor, unfortunate souls, that crossed your path. While only a small chance, there’s a chance that enemies drop special Collector items so be sure to loot their corpses. This is especially true in Bounty Hunter missions, so it may be a good idea to dabble in both professions to maximize your chances of tracking down those rare and valuable Collector items.

The life of a Collector can be an expensive pastime. Tracking down Collectibles is often best done via special maps that you can purchase, however, there are other methods. Don’t ignore your Eagle Eye vision, it’s a basic feature we’re all familiar with, but often overlook. It can locate Collectible items in a nearby area.

Madam Nazar plays a vital role in your life as a Collector. She has a unique shop used in various aspects of Collecting but she’s a travelling trader. This means, well, she travels, and she travels a lot. She’s never in the same place for long, moving to new locations each day. You can find hints of her location in game, as announcements over a gramophone are made if you’re nearby. However, a much more reliable alternative is to have a quick search on YouTube. There’s plenty of creators uploading her location on a daily basis.

Finally, once you’ve completed your Weekly Collection, you can mail the items directly to Madam Nazar, saving the hassle of finding her location.

Any tips to share for fellow Collectors? Post a comment below.

Red Dead Online Blackbone Forest Treasure Map Guide

Another treasure map you will get in Red Dead Online is the Blackbone Forest Map. Check out this Red Dead Online Blackbone Forest treasure map guide to get the loot. The cash alone is worth finding

Where To Find DLC Items In Red Dead Online

The Ultimate Edition of Red

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5 Tips For Traders In Red Dead Online

5 Tips For Traders In Red Dead Online
Trading, Collecting, and Bounty Hunting are just some of the exciting new features introduced with the Frontier Pursuits update. We’ve gathered 5 Tips For Traders In Red Dead Online from Rockstar Games to help you on your journey to becoming the ultimate trader.

Bounty Hunting and Collecting are both exciting but rather simple pastimes in Red Dead Online. The Trader however, is more of a thinking game. Managing the risk vs reward of high stakes, long distance deliveries, managing supplies to maximize profits.

5 Tips For Traders In Red Dead Online

Sometimes it’s all too easy to simple purchase Supplies and get on with your day. It’s convenient, fast, and fail-proof. However, if you’re looking to minimize expenditure and maximize income, it’s not the optimal method when running as a Trader. Instead of spending your own hard earned cash on picking up Supplies, run some few Resupply Missions. You’ll get your supplies and some Trader Experience Points to boot.

Everyone’s favorite cowboy, JB Cripps, is a huge fan of the Traders way of life, but even he can be a little picky. Turning in various animal parts is a great way of earning points towards your Trader progression, but there’s a better way. Instead of delivering individual parts of animals to Cripps, bring in an untouched 3-Star animal. It’s worth much more overall.

While the rest of Red Dead Online’s world is busy carrying loot via simple horse travel, those peasants don’t understand the lucrative opportunities the Trader brings to the table. Once you reach Rank 5 Trader, be sure to pick up the Medium Deliver Wagon, and the Large Delivery Wagon at Rank 10. These allow for much bigger hauls.

When you’re hunting far from home, you’ll want to bring back the most lucrative bounty possible. Red Dead Online’s horse and travel system allows you to carry multiple carcasses and skins. Make sure you use all of the different spots on your saddle but don’t push it too far, the bigger the haul, the bigger the loss.

Managing the risk vs reward of the long-distance trading options available is an exciting part of the Traders progression route. However, Rockstar Games highlighted an alternative method using Defensive Mode to make shorter deliveries while avoiding any potential interference from unwanted forces.

Where To Find DLC Items In Red Dead Online

The Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 came with many online content bonuses. This guide will tell you Where To Find DLC Items In Red Dead Online that includes the Survivor Theme, multiple

How To Unlock The Bank Heist Mission In Red Dead Online

Now that Red Dead Online has finally left beta, we get our first true online bank heist. The mission can be easily missed if you don’t know how to access it. Check out this guide to find out how to

5 Tips For Collectors In Red Dead Online

While Bounty Hunters take down infamous characters and traders are busy buying

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5 Tips For Bounty Hunters In Red Dead Online

5 Tips For Bounty Hunters In Red Dead Online
The Frontier Pursuits update for Red Dead Online introduced exciting new activities for players to discover, including Bounty Hunters. Rockstar recently released some tips on this deadly new profession and as we’ve rounded up our 5 Tips For Bounty Hunters In Red Dead Online.

Before you’re able to take advantage of Rockstar’s list of tips and tricks, you’ll first need to unlock Bounty Hunter. It’s a simple process, just look for the “A License for Bounty Hunting” objective on your in-game map and follow the story to unlock the Bounty Hunter.

5 Tips For Bounty Hunters In Red Dead Online

Bounty Hunter is arguably more challenging than the other professions introduced in Frontier Pursuits. While each profession has its own challenge, Bounty Hunter is tracking and combat focused, which relies heavily on the players ability to take down difficult target throughout the game world.

If you’re a veteran of the Red Dead Online experience, it’s likely you’ve explored every nook and cranny you’ve encountered. The world is filled with exciting opportunities and discoveries to be made, but as you return to the frontier as a Bounty Hunter, don’t ignore your urge to explore. With the introduction of Bounty Hunter, Collector, and Trade, there’s a host of new stuff to discover, this is especially true with the Collector.

While the role may not appeal to you directly, there are many Collectibles that you can find in and around the Bounty Hunter targets. If you’re already in a region to take down an infamous target, why not grab yourself some goodies at the same time? Be sure to loot all of the bodies after you wipe out enemies in a Bounty Mission, there’s plenty of Collectibles, Treasure Maps, and other items to find.

As with all things in Red Dead Online, killing stuff is better with friends. It drastically increases your chances of success and also provides various bonuses. One such bonus is increased Experience Points for you and your Posse members. Bring your friends, take down challenging targets, and all grow your characters together.

Sometimes when you’re partaking in the enjoyable pastime of killing or capturing wanted targets, they bring friends. While it’s not simple, you can bring back two different Bounty Targets at the same time. Throw one on the back of your horse and lasso the other, dragging them behind for the duration of the journey. Just watch out for rocks, and cliff edges, and boulders, and wildlife, and, well, just be careful.

Progression and rewards are a central focus for the Frontier Pursuits update. As such, the longer you spend hunting targets, the more lucrative your rewards become. As you increase in level by completing Bounty Hunter missions, more challenging Bounty Hunter missions become available. Even if you’re in the middle of another task, be sure to check the Bounty Board often. The higher level bounty, the greater the reward.

Tracking down and taking out wanted targets is great. More rewards, even better, but let’s be honest. The Bounty Hunter pursuit is all about Gun Spinning – a special ability you can unlock that allows you to perform tricks with your weapons. Don’t forget to use these often as they make you look like a bad ass. …

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Installation Guide of Manjaro 18.1 (KDE Edition) with Screenshots

Within a year of releasing Manjaro 18.0 (Illyria), the team has come out with their next big release with Manjaro 18.1, codenamed “Juhraya“. The team also have come up with an official announcement saying that Juhraya comes packed with a lot of improvements and bug fixes.

New Features in Manjaro 18.1

Some of the new features and enhancements in Manjaro 18.1 are listed below:

  • Option to choose between LibreOffice or Free Office
  • New Matcha theme for Xfce edition
  • Redesigned messaging system in KDE edition
  • Support for Snap and FlatPak packages using “bhau” tool

Minimum System Requirements for Manjaro 18.1

  • 1 GB RAM
  • One GHz Processor
  • Around 30 GB Hard disk space
  • Internet Connection
  • Bootable Media (USB/DVD)

Step by Step Guide to Install Manjaro 18.1 (KDE Edition)

To start installing Manjaro 18.1 (KDE Edition) in your system, please follow the steps outline below:

Step 1) Download Manjaro 18.1 ISO

Before installing, you need to download the latest copy of Manjaro 18.1 from its official download page located here. Since we are seeing about the KDE version, we chose to install the KDE version. But the installation process is the same for all desktop environments including Xfce, KDE and Gnome editions.

Step 2) Create a USB Bootable Disk

Once you have successfully downloaded the ISO file from Manjaro downloads page, it is time to create an USB disk. Copy the downloaded ISO file in a USB disk and create a bootable disk. Make sure to change your boot settings to boot using a USB and restart your system

Step 3) Manjaro Live Installation Environment

When the system restarts, it will automatically detect the USB drive and starts booting into the Manjaro Live Installation Screen.


Next use the arrow keys to choose “Boot: Manjaro x86_64 kde” and hit enter to launch the Manjaro Installer.

Step 4) Choose Launch Installer

Next the Manjaro installer will be launched and If you are connected to the internet, Manjaro will automatically detect your location and time zone. Click “Launch Installer” start installing Manjaro 18.1 KDE edition in your system.


Step 5) Choose Your Language

Next the installer will take you to choose your preferred language.


Select your desired language and click “Next”

Step 6) Choose Your time zone and region

In the next screen, select your desired time zone and region and click “Next” to continue


Step 7) Choose Keyboard layout

In the next screen, select your preferred keyboard layout and click “Next” to continue.


Step 8) Choose Partition Type

This is a very critical step in the installation process. It will allow you to choose between:

  • Erase Disk
  • Manual Partitioning
  • Install Alongside
  • Replace a Partition

If you are installing Manjaro 18.1 in a VM (Virtual Machine), then you won’t be able to see the last 2 options.

If you are new to Manjaro Linux then I would suggest you should go with first option (Erase Disk), it will automatically create required partitions for you. If you want to create custom partitions then choose the second option “Manual Partitioning“, as its name suggests it will allow us to create our own custom partitions.

In this tutorial I will be creating custom partitions by …

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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Review

Story 343253420

The original Link’s Awakening has a special place in the hearts of those who played it. Its surreal, Twin Peaks-inspired atmosphere and its character-driven story combined to create a unique Zelda experience that is still yet to be matched, even after a quarter of a century. After lying dormant for years, Nintendo has given a facelift to this beloved classic so a new generation can experience it first-hand. Even with a fresh coat of paint, does this game still hold up or should it have been left sleeping in the fond memories of nostalgic gamers?

Link with the Wind Fish's Egg


Lost at Sea


Link’s tale begins after being shipwrecked on the shores of Koholint Island, a mysterious place brimming with dangerous monsters and colorful inhabitants. A talkative owl issues Link his main objective: awaken the Wind Fish, a being that sleeps in a giant egg atop the island’s highest peak. Only then can Link hope to leave the island. Link’s Awakening’s story works as a stand-alone adventure since the narrative isn’t bogged down by any baggage that typically comes with other Zelda titles. Gone are any mentions of Hyrule or the Triforce. As a result, the story can be enjoyed purely on its own merits and the game’s poignant ending will resonate even with those who’ve never played a Zelda game.

Koholint Island may be small in scale, but it’s brimming with people to meet and secrets to uncover. The main quest will take you through eight dungeons, and they all still hold up rather well. Each one plays out like a miniature puzzle box. You’ll need to poke around every room to uncover puzzles that reward you with keys to open locked doors, before culminating in a tricky boss fight. It’s standard 2D Zelda fare, but even after all these years, this process still gives way to many ‘Ah-Ha’ moments to satisfy newcomers and certain riddles may even stump returning players. Outside of the occasional puzzle that’ll tax your brain, the game’s overall difficulty is on the lighter side. Those looking for a challenge can select ‘Hero Mode’ from the title screen, this doubles enemy damage and removes random heart dropsan option best suited for Koholint Island veterans.

Though it’s linear in nature, Link’s Awakening has a real, crafted feel to the pacing. Every dungeon rewards you with a new item that unlocks new paths for you to traverse in the overworld, the adventure sustains this steady and rewarding loop throughout, which makes exploring new environments a consistently enticing process. You’ll also spend a lot of time interacting with the quirky islanders and their personalities make a lasting impression that draws you deeper into the world.

Link fighting monsters in Links Awakening

This 2019 remake also comes with a wealth of quality of life improvements like more warp points for fast traveling and skippable dialogue boxes (finally!). Hands down, the best change is how some key items are now mapped to specific buttons. In the original game, you’d spend a lot of time navigating menus to assign items to certain buttons, now things like the heavy-duty lifting Power Bracelet and the speedy Pegasus Boots are permanently set to dedicated buttons once unlocked. There’s a lot less downtime in this remake and exploration no longer feels …

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10 Tips To Speed Up Your Laptop

Is your laptop slowing down? If it is, it’s normal. Laptops slowdown over time. There are a lot of reasons why that happens.

It is essential to know that various factors may slow down your machine. One top reason for your computer running slow is because there may be programs running in the background. This is common, especially when the device is left running for long periods. Another possible reason is having a hard disk that is already full. Attacks by viruses may also make a laptop slow. Although it is sometimes difficult to establish the reason for the slow performance, the situation can be rectified without much strain.


While it’s inevitable for a laptop to run slower, there are some tips that you can use to overcome it. First of which is to reduce startup programs.

Many computer programs are designed in a way that allows them to auto-start each time the laptop is turned on. They are designed this way to allow quick startup when the user turns on the laptop. When a machine has too many programs on auto-start, they may slow it down. Some of these programs, for example, antiviruses, are essential, and it is better to leave the program unchanged. Others such as games slow down the computer and are not always required.


Another great tip to help speed up your laptop is to uninstall unneeded programs.

Another simple technique on how to speed up computer is deleting the applications that you no longer need. It is common for users to have a build-up of programs, some of which are no longer required. Some of these include disc cleaners, games, virus scanners, large movie files, and backup tools, all of which run in the background. Usually, these unnecessary applications clutter and waste the system resources.


Defragmentation is also one way to speed up your laptop.

Defragmentation is one of the best ways to speed up my laptop. The latest editions of Windows may not require this because they auto-defragment the drive. In the older computer models, there is an essential Microsoft tool that you can use for this task. There are also other defragmenting tools such as IObit’s Smart Defrag 5 and O&O Defrag that may be better. Conduct your research before selecting one.


Make sure your laptop is free of spyware and viruses. That is, if you want to speed it up and protect it at the same time.

Laptops that are infected with spyware or viruses are normally very slow. Spyware refers to any applications or programs that are installed in the PC without the user’s knowledge. They are used to monitor the user’s internet activities. The signs of a computer that is infected with a virus include slowing down, unexpected messages that randomly pop up on the screen, and programs that start automatically.


To speed up your laptop, make sure animations and visual effects are turned off.

If you want to know how to speed up my laptop, you should try turning off any animations and visual effects on your PC. Animations and effects, especially in Windows 10, are used to make the computer more stylish. They

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The Sojourn Review – Le Pneuma, Portal Deux

Story 342996776

Well, I’m sure we’ve done this rodeo… many, many times.


From Portal to PneumaQube to Quantum ConundrumBraid to The Bridge, blah blah blah, we have another one after so long. The ol’ narrative puzzle-platformer dance that’s been executed across many a universe, and many a pretension. Welcome to The Sojourn.


This is the debut title from UK-based studio Shifting Tides, founded by four people. Formed in January of 2018, the three leads all saw work at Raspina Studio, developers of the middling FPS E.T. Armies, whereas their musician has been working on titles like the recent Children of Morta and the Kickstarter darling Lona: Realm of Colors. The publishing is also being handled by Iceberg Interactive, the Icelanders responsible for publishing titles like Killing Floor 2 and Conarium.


An in-game screenshot of The Sojourn, showcasing an idyllic blue landscape, with a Harp and bird statue in view.


You play as umm… damn, uhh… well, do you remember the into to Pneuma: Breath of Life? Ok, imagine that, but instead of some annoying snarky Brit who thinks he’s God, it’s two orbs of concentrated light that brighten your way forward. They’ll be helping you banish the darkness, while also helping you take advantage of it for the game’s many, many puzzles.


Now, with these first-person puzzle platformers, it’s typical to see both the narrative and gameplay take turns to be the center stage. The Bridge and Braid were infamous for this, seeing you complete truly mind-bending puzzles, and then your reward would be a soliloquy written by a guy who loves run on sentences. People in glass houses aside, The Sojourn seems to have more a focus on gameplay, and letting the narrative become purely environmental in framing.


The Sojourn’s main puzzle ingredients come from dual-world gameplay and various types of statues. While in “the dark world”, you can activate certain objects, like statues you can swap positions with, stone harps that play melodies which build bridges, and duplicators for statues. There’s a lot of variation on this one trick, and over the course of your 10-to-15-hour adventure, you will see yourself tested.


An in-game screenshot of The Sojourn, showcasing an idyllic blue landscape with waterfalls, with blue streams of light in a pattern.


There’s no real world strategies you can apply, you’re only allowed to do what Shifting Tides allow you to do in their own rule-books. For example, If there’s a tunnel of “Dark Light” aiming at a statue that you can swap with, then you can still swap with it even if you yourself are not in the dark world. It sounds a bit silly when I put it like that, sure, but it’s still really fun to figure out and understand.


Playing through The Sojourn was like playing Portal if the lead designer was Gerry Kasparov. What seems like a boring game of “activate the bloody switch, fat-ass”, quickly turns into a Rube Goldberg machine of opportunities and “Oh shit, of course!” moments. Both gratifying and easy to understand, but hard to master.


Part of the beauty comes from it finding complexity in simplicity. You’re never not playing with stationary statues, and there’s usually never more than 5 at a time. Hell, some of the most evil puzzles use the least pieces. Placement is everything, and there’s always a deeper meaning. It shows foresight, but as time …

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Epic Games celebrates Batman’s anniversary

Whether you’re following us or not (we thank you if it’s the case) you must already know that Steam’s increasingly fierce competitor, namely Epic Games, offers games every week. And this week, it must be said that Epic Games has gone overboard, offering you not one, not two, but SIX games. Pretty nice, isn’t it?

There is a good reason for this generosity. One of the most famous superheroes celebrates his 80th anniversary this year, and it’s no other than Batman, aka Bruce Wayne. Although the hero is an eternal forty-something, the Batman character appeared for the first time in 1939 in Detective comics Nº. 27 and was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

The historical point being made, let us come to the heart of the subject that interests us today. Epic Games offers us six Batman games divided into two packages. The first contains the LEGO Batman trilogy, with LEGO Batman: The videogame, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. The other three games are from the Batman Arkham Collection which includes the Batman Arkham trilogy developed by Rocksteady studio, formed by Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight.

The Batman Arkham series has been very well received by the players, especially the first album, that managed to enter the Guinness World Records as “the highest-rated superhero game of all time by the specialized press”. The three games of the Arkham series, are adventure action adventures with infiltration phases, and they are known for being quite dark games. This contrasts with the LEGO Batman games offered by Epic Games which, being LEGO games, have this humorous touch characteristic of the license.

All you need to do to claim these six Batman games is visiting the Epic Game Store before September 26th.

The post Epic Games celebrates Batman’s anniversary appeared first on News, updates from the Blog.

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