The name Astral Chain may not ring a bell for most of you, but if we say Masakazu Katsura or Takahisa Taura, it’s quite likely that many of you will recognize the creator of ZETMAN and Video Girl AI series and the designer of NieR: Automata. Both of those have worked hand to hand to design the characters and scenarios of the new action title from Platinum Games which gameplay we could see for the first time during Nintendo Direct event at the E3.

Astral Chain is an action adventure where we will play as one of the members of a police special forces unit in the city of Ark, a cyberpunk megalopolis that has been invaded by alien forces. Those aliens arrive at the city through different dimensional portals and your mission will be to fight them and put an end to the invasion. To make this possible, you can freely use living weapons called Legion. Those weapons are linked to you and as you can see in the video they can take different forms and offer you a wide variety of combat possibilities.

In Astral Chain, you will control you and your Legion at once to build incredible combos using both characters in tandem. But there is more than spectacular combats in the game, and as the story progresses you, with the help of your legions, will be able to discover the origin and the secrets of the Astral Plane, the place where the invaders come from.

Aside from the amazing gameplay of Astral Chain, it has also been recently revealed that the game will have a Collector’s Edition when it launches in the West on August 30th. The contents are quite different than the ones in the Japanese collector’s edition and this one will include a 152-page artbook, a CD with a selection of sounds, and a Shikishi art board with an illustration from Masakazu Katsura.

Astral Chain Collector’s Edition

Astral Chain features great graphics, fluid gameplay, and lots of action in an adventure that joins the ranks of the titles coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch. You won´t have to wait too long to be able to play it yourself.

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