Astral Chain Blue Case Guide
Blue cases in Astral Chain are basically the side quests of the game. Some of these are easy to find and others can easily be missed. check out this Astral Chain blue case guide to find and complete them all.

Astral Chain Blue Case Guide

Civilian Rescue
One of your first objectives in the game, can’t be missed.


Complete Training With Jin
Complete your training with Jin.
Cant Be Too Careful
After you complete your training with Jin you have to go back up to the Roof again. After the cut scene there, speak to the doctor with the blue circle over him on that floor. He will ask you to drop off some medicine at another doctor on the second floor. Go down to B2 and he can be found right outside the elevator.


Gate Disposal
There are two gates in the mission that you have to break with your Legion. You will be alerted when you are by them both times, so break them both.
Crime Prevention
During your second mission, right after beating the large handed Chimera, open the map and you will see two blue circles on the map. This sketchy dude is one of those circles. Follow him, listen to him with your Legion, then wrap him up with your chain to arrest him.

Civilian Unrest
This is the second side mission in the second level. Two guys are fighting and you need to wrap them up in your chain to stop them. Do that and you will complete the case.

Station Tour
When you get back to HQ, use your Iris (+) and go to all the blue markers on the map. This will help you learn the layout of the place better.
Malfunctioning Robot
When you go out on your next mission with Akira, you will run into a robot arm freaking out.

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