Bohemia Interactive launched ArmA III back in 2013 adding a new level of realism to the genre of the military tactical shooters. The game takes you to an island nation in the Mediterranean in 2030 to follow the story of Ben Kerry, a corporal of the US Army who gets caught up in a flashpoint. You will experience thrilling tactical combat through three different episodes where you will have to progress through several scenarios.

ArmA III is a sandbox title that allows you to explore over 290 km² of photo-realistic island terrain ass you progress through the single-player campaign. It focuses heavily on offering the most realistic experience and features detailed physics to deliver what was arguably the richest military simulation when the game was released. The game puts at your disposal over 40 weapons, including assault and sniper rifles, pistols, and grenades. But there is a lot more than infantry combat in the game, as you have access to more than twenty vehicles, including tanks, planes and even submarines.

Other than the single-player campaign, the third installment of the Armed Assault series also comes with a multiplayer online mode that will let you test your strategic combat skills in different scenarios. You can team up with other players to fight against enemies in Defend and Seize or take part in a multitude of scenarios created by the community of players. This is possible thanks to a complete scenario editor that is included in ArmA III, which will allow you to design both single-player and multiplayer scenarios and share them with other players.

If all of this sounds exciting to you, you can now play ArmA III on PC for free for the next four days. All you have to do is visiting the page of the game on Steam and download it to play. If you deem ArmA III worthy of being in your games library, feel free to visit our comparator to find the best price to buy it anytime.

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